12 Year Old Nude Stripper Finally Forcing Change

It was reported in today’s Dallas Morning News that the Dallas City Council is finally prepared to discuss changes to the cities sexually oriented business laws after a 12 year old girl was discovered stripping and prostituting herself at a local Dallas Nightclub. In typical dysfunctional Dallas City Council manner, for whatever reason the new ordinance is being debated in “secret session”. Meanwhile, the club where the 12 year old girl was working has remained open. One Interesting side note to the ordinance is a proposed six foot ‘no touch zone” around strippers. The will certainly cause an uproar among the regular going “gentlemen’s club” crowd. I frankly never got the whole strip club thing. Then again I have never in my life purchased a skin mag either. I suspect there is a strong correlation between those who purchase them and regularly go to strip clubs. I would rather walk into a night club take my swing and be told to get lost rather than give some girl 20 bucks to fake nice when she wants to tell me the same thing….

Brian Cuban is a an author whose  best-selling book “Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder” chronicles his first-hand experiences living with, and recovering from childhood bullying, eating disorders and Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) and drug addiction.  Brian speaks regularly about his recovery and breaking the male eating disorder stigma.

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  1. lady (1 comments.) Says:

    oh my this is crazy.. a minor stripping in a club! This is so stupid! although here in the Philippines i’ve heard of teens going out dancing in clubs but i’ve never heard of someone as young as 12years old!

  2. mamapoo Says:

    Those girls are so roudy and loud

  3. lulupie piggy Says:

    Never in my whole life have I heard/seen such a thing,it’s wrong…I feel sorry for that girls baby,their mums a total dreg of society,lets just hope she doesn’t follow in the same footsteps huh?

  4. Miniee Says:

    omg this is so muther f****ng retarted fo 13&14 yr olds i feel so sorry for the mother i think she forced them to act like this so they can get on tv they probably had IDK some with the crew after the show was over

  5. K.C. Says:

    What a sick, sick situation for that little girl. I can only imagine the horrible home life that child must have had in order to think being a run away stripper is better than living with her parents! Makes me so sad.

    I'll never understand the men that go to those places…especially men who have daughters. Shouldn't having a daughter change the way a man looks at girls? (Yes, I was married to a perv sex addict for 10 years, 10 years too long!)

    I can't wait to go hug my 8 year old!

  6. S.P. Says:

    If they want to, let them. They're waisting they're own lives and doing it good. They are making to big of a deal of this.

  7. Rational Human Says:

    Marriage was legal at age 12 in America only 5 generations ago. What is everyone making such a huge deal about? If someone has the maturity to make sexual decisions earlier than their peers, they are chastized, but sexualized Idols like Miley Cyrus are ok?

    Please get off your moral high horses and act like rational human beings. Every single human is different. There are people in their 30s who cant make mature decisions about sexuality, and they are allowed to for reasons of chronology alone. Agism is as big a moral problem as racism.

  8. rob Says:

    that 12 year old looks very hot but she need to follow god we should pray for her

  9. SpunkinYoungins Says:

    Leave her alone and lower the age of consent already. What's wrong with you people. She knows what she wants, let her have it. Maybe then we'd have less kids kidnapped and killed…jeez. Lower the age of consent and lets move on with life already…

  10. James Says:

    You people that are throughing a fit over this go grow up. Not to long ago our country was founded by the 12-17 year olds. Pioneers were commonly having babies and married by the time they were 14. If her body is hot and looks older, and she wants it, then she can have sex . Apparently her body is matured already and ready to be stuffed. Not everyone heres the microwave type 'BEEP' when they hit 18 to say, ok your done, now you can have sex and your mature. Lol. Some are way sooner. And believe it or not, Some actually want sex by then.

  11. billy Says:

    this child shouldnt be involved in this,nor any other child because of their emotional make up at that age..

  12. artes Says:

    Licenses need to be taken away forever! Not just a short suspension. Close the club, teach others this is not tolerated!

  13. mineyaownbiss Says:

    every one is want tell other people how to live,and when they (these same people who talking) haveing sex and is be running up the wall in their rooms or were ever, is 100% love the feelings.This girl was ready for sex befor she got 12. Sex is not a bad thing we are allo here because of it (remember)

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