December, 2008

It’s A Question Of History

martin-luther-king2hitlerIf you were given the opportunity to meet ten historical figures of interest either living or dead and could only ask one or two questions  about present day knowing you would get truthful answers, who would you want to meet and what would you ask? I am not speaking of a  top ten list of the most important historical figures.  I am speaking of figures whose beliefs and actions have somehow influenced your personal space.  Questions you consider personally important regardless of what anyone else thinks.  Here is my list and the questions I would ask in no particular order.  They may or may not be questions you would ask but it’s my space.

1. Adolph Hitler.  Why do you really hate me as a Jew?

Susan B. Anthony:  Is there gender equality ?

3. Thomas Jefferson:  When you drafted the Declaration of Independence did you have visions of the democracy of the distant future?  Is democracy  what you envisioned in 1776?

4.   Jesus Christ:  What really happened?

5.   Franklin Delano Roosevelt:  How much did you really know about the Holocaust?  Would you have handled it differently?

6.  Martin Luther King:  Is racial equality where you dreamed it would be?’

7.   Samuel Morse(the inventor of the telegraph):  What do you think of cell phones?   Is the internet a positive influence on society?

8.   All authors Of The Bible:  If you were not there, who told you?

9.   John F. Kennedy:  How would you address the terrorist threat and Iran?

10.   Albert Einstein:  How much further can we go?

Who and what would you ask?

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Is The Moon An Illusion?

Is the “space race” alive and well in the United States?  President Bush would like  NASA to put men back on the moon by 2020, and then onto Mars between 2035 and 2037. The Russians plan to build a new manned space transport system by 2015 . China plans to send another rover to the moon in 2012.  Is Bush’s timetable in jeopardy?  President-elect Barrack Obama has made it clear that he does not consider either the moon nor  manned Mars exploration a priority in his administration.  His transition team looking at spending cuts to the Constellation Project, the successor to the Space Shuttle.  This program is supposed to create to a permanent manned base on the Moon by 2020 with a manned mission to Mars to follow.  How will this timetable be affected  light of Obama’s repeated campaign statements that he does not consider funding for pure exploration a NASA priority?  He feels the money should be used for education and infrastructure as well as more  immediate impact  NASA initiatives such as national security.  While he appeared to back off this stance, it was pre-economic meltdown.  The bottom line is that while Obama appears to fully support  the continued development of more immediate impact NASA initiatives he  has very different views than the Bush administration on pure “where no man has gone before” space exploration.vulcan_captain_first_contact

Short sighted or prudent?  What are we expecting to accomplish with such lofty goals?  I frankly have “First Contact” visions of a Vulcan space ship passing by one day , detecting our spacecraft on its way to Mars and deciding to stop by and say hello.   After that everything will change.  It will unite humanity in ways never envisioned. Hunger, war, poverty will all be a thing of the past.  Well maybe I am stretching things a bit but it sure sounded good when William Ryker and Deanna Troi said it in the movie First Contact.  Don’t we all hope that will happen in our lifetimes?

In reality I am in agreement that NASA pure exploration funding should be slashed and realloacted to NASA initatives such a international security.  I  believe the colonization of the moon is important from a technology advancement and global conservation standpoint. I however question whether NASA as it exists today is the way to go for the long term in pure space exploration.  When it comes to space exploration is not that what we are really talking about?  We are talking about the long term.  The only way to surge ahead beyond our lifetimes may be to take a step backwards in our lifetimes.  That step backwards would be to re-structure NASA and divert funding for pure exploration to the private sector.  It is already being done to a a degree anyways. Let the free-market create momemtum.  NASA should be encouraging private industry to jump into the fray to a much greater extent than they are.  It however has been an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. The only way to shake it up may be to cut funding and encourage NASA to encourage others to kick in. In the long term, I believe we would see more private funding, expanded notions of what can be achieved and  further advancement of space technology than we would ever see with back and forth NASA budget battles. What would we lose?   Space is not going anywhere. The Vulcans will still be there.

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NBA Fleeceology

devinharrisjasonkiddI like Devin Harris.  He is a  nice guy.  He is a fun guy.  He is a very good basketball player.  I was sorry to see him leave Dallas.  He should have a great career ahead of him barring injuries.  I like Jason Kidd.  He is a great  basketball player. I am glad to have him in Dallas.  I am also amused when I see all of the mainstream media and blogs opining on the value of the Harris-Kidd trade.  The word of the moment to describe the trade seems to be “fleeced“.  Chants of “Thank You Cuban!” reverberate throughout Izod Center.

I do not claim to be a “basketball guru”.  Maybe I am a basketball idiot.  In the end I am just a fan like anyone else but I can not figure it out.   Someone please explain it to me.  How did the Dallas Mavericks get fleeced?  They were fleeced because Devin is putting up good numbers for the Nets?  They were fleeced because every one is crowning Devin the next Jason Kidd or Steve Nash?  They were fleeced because someone out there unbeknown to the world is blessed with the ability to predict alternate realities  has predicted an NBA championship for the Mavs this year had we kept Devin?  That’s what it is about is it not?   While it was not a trade,  I remember the same type of media and blogosphere bashing when Steve Nash left for the Phoenix Suns.  If we use the same “fleece logic”  being used with regards to Devin, one could argue that the Phoenix Suns underwent a huge “fleecing” not by the Mavs but by Steve’s agent.   They paid a ton for Steve and have nary an NBA  championship to show for it.  If that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s talk hard court facts.  We can start by agreeing that what matters in the end for a NBA team is holding the championship trophy when the the clock reads zero in the last game played.  Everything else is conversation for the pundits, gamblers and fantasy leagues.  Steve Nash has had a Hall Of Fame career.  We can agree he is still playing at a very high level in a very different system than he played in for the Mavs.  Jason Kidd has had a Hall Of Fame career.  We can agree he is still playing at a very high level in a very different system than he played in for the New Jersey Nets.  Systems designed around different players and different chemistry.  The formula for an NBA championship is not cookie cutter. You do not have to be smarter than a 5th grader to figure out that its a damn hard equation to master with more talent integration variables than a Rubik’s Cube.  Devin Harris is having a good season so far.  He is putting up good numbers in a different system than he played in for the Mavs.  So who is right for what system?  Which great player gives their team the best chance to hold that trophy and at what point during their tenure there?   It is much more difficult to assemble than a simple prediction of  statistical greatness.  The last time I checked,  Phoenix Suns have not held up a  championship trophy during the Steve Nash era. They have not even made it to the finals.   During the Jason Kidd era, the New Jersey Nets made it to the finals  in 2002 and 2003.    If we are going to talk about degrees of success as meaning anything  the Mavs have come closer post Steve Nash than the Suns ever did with him.   Jason Kidd is a great player.  He has had at great career.  He put up great numbers in the Nets system.  Last I looked the Nets had not held that trophy either during his stay there.  Does that mean the Nets got “fleeced”?

In the end only one NBA team out of  30 calls themselves champs in June.  I guess everyone else got “fleeced”.

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Sugardaddy Killers Pimps & Hoes

petersonwarrantHere is some advice for any over the hill married guy around my age(47)  who wants to meet and get engaged to a 23 year old hottie.  It’s easy.  Murder your wife.  It is even better if you have been married before and murdered that wife as well.  Women will flock to you either in the free world or in prison.  As we sit or stand at this very moment the most stupid person on the face of the earth is the 23 year old who just got engaged to suspected double murderer Drew Peterson.  Peterson is 54.  Peterson is also the primary person of interest in the murder of his wife  Stacy Peterson who also happens to be 23 years old.  While not named as such he  is certainly a private law enforcement person of interest in the death of his 3rd wife Kath Savio.   I guess this unnamed 23 year old  future Mrs. Peterson the 5th enjoys living on the the edge of humanity.   She probably has better odds of living to 30 skydiving without a parachute.joran

The second most stupid person on the face of the earth is any women that would walk on a beach alone or for that matter go on a date  with killer pimp in training Joran Van Der Sloot.   Joran is the sole person of interest in the disappearance of  Natalie Holloway.  It is  possible that Van Der Sloot may be guilty of nothing more than illegally disposing of Holloway’s body as well as being a major scum-bag and sexual predator.  Holloway’s death was probably alcohol related and not directly caused by  Van Der Der Sloot.  We will never know.  He however by his own secretly taped admission did nothing to help her and dumped her body in the ocean. He should be a man and take the rap for whatever relatively minor crime he committed.  The Holloway family deserves closure.  He won’t because he is a sociopath predatory scumbag. When Joran is not getting girls drunk and leaving them for dead, he has been working hard on his career as an international pimp.

The third most stupid person on the face of the earth is any person who believes that Casey Anthony was not involved in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  Casey will be convicted in the death of Caylee.  How I am sure of this?  While I may or may not be smarter than a fifth grader I did escape grade school with some basic math skills.  That is all  I need to predict the outcome of this case.  If you know this equation you can solve 99 percent of the homicides committed. The equation is 2+2=4.  That is all you need to get to the truth here.  Caylee Anthony killed her daughter either intentionally or by criminal neglect by chloroforming Caylee so she could go out and party.  I was shocked to learn that it is not unheard of for single mothers of low income to chloroform their children as a substitute for a babysitter.  The only real issue here is whether Casey will be looking at a lethal injection if convicted.  While she probably deserves such a fate, it at this point seems unlikely the state will be able prove the elements of first degree murder necessary to inflict the punishment she deserves. There is an upside for Casey if she avoids the death penalty.  By the time she gets out of prison,  Joran Vand Der Sloot will probably be the Pimp King of Thailand.  Casey should start corresponding with Joran immediately.  She will have a lot of time to work on her resume in prison.  If that does not work out, Drew Peterson will almost certainly be on the hunt for wifie number 6 by then.  A match made in heaven.caseyboohoo

While there is a very high probability that Drew Peterson killed both his current wife and his previous wife, he may never see the inside of a prison.  If Stacy’s remains are ever found, it is highly unlikely there will be enough evidence to tie him to her death. He appears to be much too smart to have left that to chance.  If her remains do turn up, it is a certainty Peterson will be put on trial for her murder.  If they do not turn up, the state will wait but at some point conclude their case will not get any better and put him on trial regardless.  With her body it is a tough circumstantial case to win.  Without her bones there is very little chance.  I expect Drew Peterson to join O.J. Simpson in an elite category. He will get away with two murders.  What does this all mean for 23 year old hottie wife to be number 5?   If she plays her cards right, she can capitalize and live long enough to spend some of the money.   It should not be too long before we can purchase the ” I MARRIED DREW PETERSON AND SURVIVED THIS LONG…….”  T-shirt on the internet.  Every year she would put out an autographed anniversary shirt with a new monthly survival number on the back.   I also predict a “Drew’s World” reality television show.

Sugardaddy Killers, Pimps and Hoes. Coming Soon To A Courtroom Near You.

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