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What it Takes to be a Great Motivational Speaker

Brian Cuban - Motivational Speaker

What it Takes to be a Great Motivational Speaker

Successful motivational speakers can earn thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per seminar; however, a great deal of focus and effort goes into becoming a successful inspirational speaker. Motivational speakers such as Brian Cuban have taken the platform of public speaking to an entirely new level. Brian Cuban is a public speaker and published author who has an immense passion to educate and empower people to move past the impediments that are in their lives.

There are many different niches within the motivational speaking market, such as overcoming past hurts, battling drug addiction and overcoming the fear of failure. Cuban has mastered numerous niches within the public speaking arena, affording him great exposure and the opportunity to pursue his passion, while making a great living in the process. And if the name Cuban sounds familiar, it is because Brian is the younger brother of the Billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Brian’s road to success has not been as smooth as his brothers, having been addicted to cocaine and steroids; however, he has used those past challenges to build a life that is hinged on fulfilling his purpose of empowering others. Those who may be interested in learning more about what Brian is doing can visit his official site at At there are numerous articles and videos that unveil the processes and approaches that Cuban has used to lift himself up from his struggles.

For the person who is considering becoming a public speaker, there are several things that are paramount to achieving success.

Connecting with a Special Message or Passion

What allows motivational speakers to achieve a certain level of success is their ability to connect with audiences in a manner that creates the capacity to move people to a place of action. Most inspirational speakers have a specific message that they desire to deliver to their audience, such as believing in yourself and your destiny or the importance of purpose. So, the first step is determining the message that will be delivered is the first step in the process of becoming a successful public speaker who is able to motivate and inspire their audience.

Understanding the Importance of Authenticity

The lack of authenticity will most likely doom a career in motivational speaking before it ever starts. It is not a dynamic personality or the exceptional command of the English language that provides the capacity to effectively motivate others. It is their ability to connect with their audience, and their ability to connect begins with being authentic and real. The energy that emerges from an authentic heart for the message cannot be replicated outside of the confines of authenticity.

Experience and Mentorship

There are some people who are naturals when it comes to speaking in public; however, public speaking is a developed skill, and experience will play a significant role in the process of developing the skills that are necessary for success in this industry. Another method for expediting growth and potential in this arena is to find a mentor who will be willing to provide the insight and guidance that is necessary to move to new heights as a speaker.

Determine the Target Audience

The importance of determining and establishing a target cannot be overstated. No message and approach is for everyone, meaning that speakers have to determine who their particular message is relevant to. This will allow them to develop their marketing plan. Additionally, it will also help to provide clarity when they are preparing the material they will present during their speeches and lectures.

Maximizing Venue

There are not too many things that can put a damper on a good message like a poor venue. If visibility is an issue, a great deal of the message will be lost. Although a speech or lecture is an audible act, the ability to effectively connect with an audience depends on the audience being able to see the body language and the passion of the speaker. The acoustics at the venue are also immensely important. Making a poor venue selection can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Marketing and Advertising

It is simple; it does not matter how good a person may be in delivering powerful and motivational speeches if no one is aware that they exist. A good marketing plan is essential to building awareness and increasing exposure. There is a substantial amount of competition in the public speaking arena and a good marketing campaign can help to create a competitive advantage.

Public speakers experience success because they have a comprehensive plan. It is definitely true that failing to plan equates to planning to fail.