Bullying Prevention Essay Contest-Win Two Platinum Mavs Tickets!

postcard_template_usIf you have read Shattered Image, you know that I was bullied severely over my weight in high school.  I was even physically assaulted.   I am well aware of the problems bullying can cause when it happens and later in life.  For me, there were eating disorders,  steroid, drug and alcohol addiction , clinical depression, and a near suicide attempt.  When I was growing up, there was no such thing as bullying awareness. There was no internet. There were no school resources.  I bottled it up inside and hoped for the best.  We have come so far since then but there is still a long ways to go awareness and prevention wise.  I want to do my part.

In support of National  BULLYING PREVENTION MONTH which runs the month of October I am pleased to announce the FIRST ANNUAL SHATTERED IMAGE ESSAY CONTEST.  Tell me what bullying awareness means to you personally.  Email your essay to me.  I will choose three winners.

Grand Prize:  Two Platinum Seats to a select Dallas Mavericks Game.

Second Prize:   Two Upper Level Seats to a select Dallas Mavericks Game.

Third Prize and Fourth Prizes  Autographed copies of my Best Selling Book, Shattered Image.

In addition, I will donate the 2x the  proceeds of all online Paperback and Kindle royalties of  Shattered Image for the month of October and November to a Non-Profit Bullying Awareness Organization in the name of all the prize winners.

The contest starts now!  Tell me what Bullying Awareness Means to You And Your Plan To Increase it.  Send It to me by email only at You can do it in an email or attach a scanned handwritten entry.  Please see all contest rules below.

If you wish to support Bullying Prevention Month by purchasing a copy of Shattered Image and having the proceeds go to charity, you can purchase it on or  


1) Sweepstakes open to residents of  US ONLY,  Must be 18 years of age or older BUT parents can submit essays written by their children.  The prize will be awarded to the parents.

(2)  While I hope you purchase a copy of Shattered Image to support Bullying  Prevention Month, no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

(3)    Maximum essay length 750 words.  No essays over 750 words will be considered.

(3) To enter, send your essay to  Entries will be accepted by email only.  Your entry is not valid unless you receive a return email that it has been received.  Start date of promotion is the time stamp of the posting of this blog.  Entries must be received by October 31, 2104 at 8PM Central Time.  One entry per person. One entry per family.  Winners will be the best essays chosen solely by me and in my sole discretion.  Winners  will will be notified by December 1, 2013. (I need time to read all the great essays). In the event the winner cannot be contacted or declines the prize another winner will be chosen by me as a replacement at my sole discrestion. Winners will have seven days to respond to the email from me that they have won.  The only notification will be by email.

(4)   Tickets are for select games to be chosen by CubanSpeaks LLC and Brian Cuban at their sole discretion. Winner is not guaranteed any specific game in the 2013-14 season.  Cuban Speaks LLC and Brian Cuban will make reasonable efforts to accommodate game conflicts.   Prize is the tickets only.  Winner is responsible for all other costs associated with game attendance including but not limited to travel, food, parking.  

 (5) Winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes and any expenses associated with the prize, unless otherwise indicated. No substitution or cash equivalent except at the Brian Cuban’s and CubanSpeaks LLC’s option for a prize of comparable or greater value.

(7) Approximate retail value of prize(s) is: $300

(9) A list of winners can be obtained by writing  Cuban Speaks LLC ,  2909 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX 75226.

(10) By entering, entrant agrees to follow the Official Rules and hold harmless and indemnify Cubanspeaks LLC and Brian Cuban, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents against any and all liability, damages or causes of action (however named or described), with respect to or arising out of either (i) entrant’s participation; or (ii) the receipt or use of the prizes awarded in the promotion.

(11) In consideration for being awarded the prize, winner hereby agrees and consents, without further authorization, compensation or remuneration of any kind, except where prohibited by law, to the use of winner’s name and/or likeness in any and all advertising, promotions and other publicity conducted by Cubanspeaks LLC and Brian Cuban., and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, except where prohibited by law.

(12) Contest void where prohibited.

(13)   This contest is not connected to or endorsed in any way by the Dallas Mavericks.  Grand Prize Winner does not get to meet my brother, players or any of that other stuff you might ask. THE TICKETS ONLY.

(14)   Donation to charity will be made at such time as I am provided with an accounting of online sales from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Winners will be notified at such time as the donation is made and for how much.

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The Idiots Guide To NBA Nightlife

The  new NBA season is upon us!  New hopes and new players  driving the Dallas Mavericks to what is hopefully another trip into the NBA finals scene.  On the after-game social scene in Dallas,  the “singles season’’ never ends.   I roamed the city-streets after a Dallas Mavericks home game.  I spied the Mack-Daddy Douchebags,  30K Millionaires, Cougars,  and Gold-Diggers galore.   I was stunned by a similarity between  the Dallas singles scene and the great NBA game.  Life imitates art. Basketball imitates life. Especially in social interactions.


Let’s lace up those high-tops for a walk onto the hardwood court of Dallas (and note that I believe it’s largely the same for any big-city nightlife where a basketball season is played out). There are no points for second place. The winners hit nothing but net while the losers head home alone and whine the next morning about how they gave their best. The only way you can only get a “clear path” to the basket” view of all this is if you are living outside the 3-point line.diagram

To watch this game – and to maybe be more than a baseline season-ticket-holder — I had to re-learn all I knew about basketball and how it applied to the nightlife scene. Once I had finished learning the rules and different offensive (sometimes very offensive!) and defensive sets, a night out in Dallas became more entertaining than watching the NBA Finals.

Well, almost

In order to see what I saw and know what I know you have to have a basic understanding of basketball “terminology” as it applies to both the NBA and the nightclub scene. Once you have this understanding you will never look at a bar or nightclub in the same light. Here are some of the terms you need to understand:diagram4

“Palming”: The act of adjusting oneself in a nightclub right in front of your buddy/wingman and the hot girl you are talking to. This is a change in possession foul and you must now transfer possession of the hot girl to your buddy.

“Slam-dunk”: The last drunk girl in the bar at 2 a.m.

“Full Court Press’’: Within 15 minutes of meeting a girl in a bar you have given her your phone number, certified financial statement, recent HIV test and two round-trip tickets to Vegas for the next day. You’ve even sent flowers sent to the girl … while still in the bar.

“Flagrant Foul”: At the very moment the hottest girl in the bar is handing you her telephone number, your best buddy, say, picks his nose. This is a two-shot foul. You retain possession. Your buddy must buy two shots of any drink you choose for you and any girl you want the rest of the night.

“Double-Double”: You figure it out…

“Triple Double”: U DA MAN!

“Clear Path Foul:’’ You picked up the hottest girl in the club. She has told you how much she wants you. You are on your way back to your place. She pukes all over your car.

“Fast Break”: You’ve just arrived, you have not even valeted the car yet and your buddy is coming out of the nightclub, hot girl on his arm.

“Traveling”: You live in Dallas. She lives in Fort Worth. This is a change-of-possession foul – but only if your buddy doesn’t care where she lives.

“24-Second Violation’’: You meet a hot girl. You spend the first 25 seconds talking about your millions in the bank, new Maserati, your listing on the Forbes 400 and your Gulfstream while your three roommates look on. This is also known as a “30K Millionaire Violation.” It is a turnover – she turns herself over to the next guy in the bar who actually owns a Maserati or Gulfstream.

“Double Dribble”: You forget to tie your shoes. Just as you are about to hand your girl her drink, you trip and spill both drinks on her. This is a change-in-possession foul as your buddy because your buddy uses it against you. She agrees and goes home with him.

“Back-Court Violation”: Your posse is in the club. You have drink in hand when you realize your driver was denied entrance because he wore tennis shoes, thus violating the dress-to-impress code.

“Alley-Oop”: Your buddy generously hands off to you that last drunk girl in the bar at 2 am. You are hoping to convert to a “slam dunk.’’

“Moving Screen”: Your buddy is not getting near that girl. She is going home with you!diagram3

“Blocking Foul”: Just as the hottest girl in the club is handing you her phone number … this is gonna be good. … your buddy approaches and and is nice enough to report that he found your wedding ring on the floor.

“Offensive Foul”: You had Italian for dinner. You’re about to kiss your girl goodnight — on the cheek, because you’re a gentleman — when you burp just a little. Is that a piece of spaghetti that’s landed on her cheek? Another turnover. To anybody. As long as it’s not you.

“Technical Foul”: She told you she was 21 when you bought her a drink. This is an ejection. A one-game suspension. And a timeout. … maybe to be spent in a 4×6 with bars.

“Offensive Rebound”: It is not your fault your buddy can’t close.

“Tip Off”: You spy something on her neck. It is suspicious. It appears that the attractive woman you are looking at has an Adam’s Apple.’’

“Two-Minute Warning”: It’s last call. You struck out. Your designated driver has left and you have no cab fare. Time for more “traveling.’’ Because you’re walking home.

There’s the rules of the game. And unlike the NBA regular season, which must come to again, in the nightlife scene, every weekend brings a playoff round!

©2012 Brian Cuban


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My Email To The Penn State Board Of Trustees -It’s Time To Move Forward

The Penn State Board Of Trustees will soon vote on whether to ratify the Binding Consent Decree of NCAA Sanctions agreed to by President Rodney Erickson on behalf of the university. My email is self- explanatory. It’s time to move forward.  If you agree, I hope you will write a similar email to the board urging them to ratify the Consent Decree.

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Deadspin Bullies An Eleven Year Old Girl

In 2003 I was in attendance at the Rosegarden for a sold out Dallas Mavericks-Portland Trailblazers playoff game. Thirteen Year Old(at the time) Natalie Mentor was singing the National Anthem.  About one-third of the way through she forgot the words.  What could have been the butt of many jokes for many years for  Natalie turned into a great feel good moment.  Portland coach Maurice Cheeks, players from both teams , the referees and then the entire arena chimed in to help her through the song.  I sang along as well.

In 2003 there was no sports gossip site such as Deadspin” to launch into the type of vicious bullying attack as they did on eleven year old Harper Gruzins who turned in a less than stellar National Anthem performance  at a recent Dallas-Los Angeles MLS  soccer game.  Deadspin published an article asking readers if Harper’s performance was the “Worst National Anthem Ever”

If you want to go in front of thousands and sing the national anthem you open yourself up to public criticism if  you stink .  I get it.  Every performer has a flop in their career and hopefully Harper will be the stronger for it. That is not bullying. When however, sensationalized criticism crosses the line into encouraging others to heap vitriol and toss personal insults at an eleven year old girl that is bullying and that it where Deadspin crossed the line when the author stated:

“…and any kid who has that much pretension at age 11 deserves to be knocked down a few notches”

Really Timothy Burke?  An eleven year old deserves to be “knocked down” because you did not like her web site and singing?  Sounds like a bully personality right there.  Eleven years old would put Harper in fifth or sixth grade.  An age where bullying is often a part of life from classmates.  How nice of Timothy, who I assume is a  grown, educated  adult to jump into the bullying  fray by telling his readers that Harper deserved to be “knocked down” verbally.  Not only does Harper have to deal with classmates who will choose to attack her, Timothy decided to create a “bully lynch mob”in his readership who will “self-define”  what is necessary to “knock her down a few notches”  Much of it will no doubt will have nothing to do with critiquing her performance. They will be hateful personal attacks.  That is bullying.   Good job Timothy  for taking an eleven year old child down a few notches.  A banner achievement for you.  I wonder if you will have the same  perspective when other children or a grown adult  decides to  ” take down” your kids.





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