Disappointed But Still Penn State Proud

I am disappointed in the brutal sanctions leveled by the NCAA today. Disappointed in the sense that so many lives have been irreversibly  affected for the worse. There are only losers.  Losing is of course relative. We almost surely lose high level football.  We lose lots of money.  We lose wins. We lose scholarships.  The most important thing we have lost however, is  focus on what’s truly important at an esteemed institution of higher learning.  Regardless of how bad it seems now,  the things we have lost are transitory elements of life.  They are replaceable.  The passage of time will solve that problem.  The victims of Jerry Sandusky lost so much more and it’s permanent. Penn State will one day have winning football again.  Sandusky’s victims will never get their childhood back.

To the victims of Jerry Sandusky I have this to say.  I apologize for the actions and inaction of those at my school who let you down.  I hope for your continued healing in whatever form that takes for you. I wish you peace in life.

To those who have not yet answered for their part in this. I hope that justice is fair and swift.

To the Paterno family.   I am sorry for your pain and anger. You have gone through loss of someone you  love. That person is now under attack in every corner of the world while you continue to grieve. I understand. I’m not sure I could stay quiet under such circumstances.   You are entitled to grieve for your loss and heal.  That its difficult under fire.  I  hope  however, that you will soon realize that if you want Penn State to be able to heal as a community(and I think  you do)  you are not helping the  process by publicly defending reputation at such raw, emotional time for all affected. There may someday be a time and place for that but this isn’t it.

To Penn State the Board Of Trustees. I hope you will shut up.  You represent all of Penn State, not just your personal agenda.  There are legitimate issues of accountability in how this went down but when you bitch publicly about sanctions, it’s ill advised and you are not representing me.  Please think before you speak. Once again,  time and place.

After all of this, how can I still be Penn State proud?  I have my degree right here. I am proud of it.  I am proud of the professors who gave me a great education and prepared me to enter law school.   I am proud of Penn Sate for hiring such great teachers. I am proud of the countless positive contribution Penn State makes to the world and the lives it has changed for the better that never had one thing to do with football. Because I know you still do these things, I am hopeful for the future. I am still Penn State Proud.

Brian Cuban ’83 Administration Of Justice


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  1. parrillaturi Says:

    I'm very upset at the punishment meted out by the powers that be. The culprits must be punished, but why punish the football program so harshly? Were they involved in this most hideous comportment on the part of these trusted individuals? Of course not. What a low blow to such a well liked, and respected institution. I feel for those innocent young people who must now bear this heavy burden through no fault of theirs. SHAME ON YOU NCAA. AND THE SCHOOL TRUSTEES. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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