Falling Supermen: Sports Heroes As Role Models

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  1. Karen Says:

    I am not a sports person but oddly one of my biggest heroes is Rosie Greer. Obviously not because of his football career. It is because of his actions to protect a man from an angry mob of people who would probably have lynched him (I mean no judgment on them because I can't say I would not have been part of that crowd.) But the man he protected just killed one of his best friends and he protected the killer as to not spread violence. I don't think being great at a sport makes you a hero. You are in the public eye so you are a role model whether you like it or not and many, most take that seriously. We just hear more about the ones that don't. Hero is a special word like love that many role models do obtain as well as many others who are role models in other areas and go further to become heroes. Then there are those who become heroes first, then continue as role models.

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