Is New York City’s “Stop And Frisk” Policy Unconstitutional?

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  1. Zerod Says:

    Good question. However wouldn't it be prudent to provide a brief note explaining this questionable "law"? From my understanding of the US Constitution, just because a bunch of government "employees" decide to impose some sort of behavioral guideline(s) upon us & instruct their goons, (police), to enforce it/them, does NOT make it a "law". Many ppl might deem it as "law" until it is challenged as per it's "US Constitutionality".
    The people need to study the US Constitution with a lot more enthusiasm because too few truly understand it. To be brief about it, Please Observe; The US Constitution, per se, describe the boundries of government to prevent them from overpowering "We, the People".

  2. bcuban Says:

    there is only so much information I can give in a 2-minute video

  3. BrentB Says:

    Brian, the new video format is great. Awesome post on a contemporary topic. Great work.

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