Jews Protecting Child Molesters

I have been following an incredibly disturbing but revealing series in the New York Times about how the New York City Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is being allowed to handle  accusations of child molestation within the ranks and how Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes is allowing it to happen.  It made me sick to my stomach.  I have read some commentary about how this is just “more antisemitism”  by the Times etc.  Poppycock!  This is news and a dirty secret that needs to be exposed on a national level.   Hopefully the exposure will help bring a stop to this.  Yes, this series could perpetuate a perception that Jews in general are soft on child molesters.  That’s unfortunate but a small price to pay to save abused children hidden within the ultra-orthodox ranks with no true advocate to save them.  If Jews in mass speak up against this, so much for that perception regardless.   This protection and preferential treatment of accused child molesters must stop.  It must stop in the ultra-orthodox community and it must stop within the goverment ranks.  Brooklyn DA  Charles J. Hynes, should be ahsamed of himself using politics to the detriment of abused children and brazenly thumbing his nose at the laws of this country.  We are in fact a nation of laws. We are NOT a nation of laws… and then whatever the ultra-orthodox community wants to do.  I hope he gets voted out.

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  1. Brooks Bayne (4 comments.) Says:

    this is what happens when victimhood runs amok. you can't even criticize jewish people when their culture not only accepts child rape, but covers it up. who are the *actual* victims here? the ultra-orthodox jewish community at-large, or the children being raped?

    as a christian, i find this level of double-standard infuriating. as you pointed out, if anyone criticizes jews for any reason, even child rape, they're accused of being an anti-semite. this sort of victimhood has worn out its welcome in america.

    good on you for speaking out against those who share your faith. now, let's help these children. what else do you intend to do?

  2. bcuban Says:

    There is a difference here. I am attacking a policy. It could have been Hare Krishas and my response would have been the same. I find it telling that you did not even address the Brooklyn DA. My sense is that you were simply looking for a platform to attack Jews in general and found one.

  3. Brooks Bayne (4 comments.) Says:

    we're talking about kids being molested by jews and the jewish community covering it up (you started the conversation), and now jews at-large are the victims? lol. fascinating non-sequitur, counselor.

    your words: "We are in fact a nation of laws. We are NOT a nation of laws… and then whatever the ultra-orthodox community wants to do."

    what is the d.a. going to do if he doesn't have any witnesses willing to talk? you want him to violate the 4th amendment perhaps?

    stay on point and leave the victimhood for the real victims here – the kids being raped.

  4. bcuban Says:

    nothing else to say. That's how I feel about your comment. End of story

  5. Brooks Bayne (4 comments.) Says:

    based on what i said, or what you imagined, counselor? christians have been persecuted for thousands of years, too. see: christ. and who wanted him killed originally? you don't see us acting like victims in the face of this persecution:

    no, american christians left religious persecution behind in europe and came here to start the greatest country history has ever known. that's our legacy. so much for our victimhood. and your legacy?

    are you saying you want to be treated as a victim? that's about the best i can figure.

  6. bcuban Says:

    sounds to me like it's not the 1st time you've been accused of making antisemitic statements

  7. Brooks Bayne (4 comments.) Says:

    another victimhood non-sequitur. fascinating. is this your typical tack when someone *agrees* with you? do judges dig this approach i wonder?

  8. bcuban Says:

    guy below one of your buddies brooks?

  9. Walter Says:

    Seems to me there are three issues confused here. Allegations of child abuse, accusations of Jewish/DA favoritism and cover ups and charges of “anti-semitism.”

    Mr. Brooks, it is not all Jews, but some members of a sect who may be getting undeserved favoritism. Mr.Cuban, labling Mr.Brooks without explaining, risks doing some of what you deplore in your article.

    Defensiveness is all too prevalent and difficult to avoid.

    Hell! Abuse of children requires defensive denials and cover ups and thus may be the most under reported and widespread crime we (all societies) tolerate. Sexual is only one form of abuse, how about the mi,lions of children traumatized by wars, starvation, disasters, dysfunctional societies, etc., who receive too little help or the love and help that younger children need to survive without scared minds.

    Maybe we all can do better if we focus on the children.

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