Law Schools Should Implement The Frequent Flyer Model

It is being reported by the New York Times that some law schools are purposely inflating grades in order to keep their graduates competitive in this very depressed job market.   I think the schools  are on to something here but are missing a huge revenue opportunity.

I propose that law schools adopt a “Frequent Flyer Model” to grading and sell grade increments.  When I am short on American Airlines Frequent Flyer miles for that trip to Europe, I buy an extra 10k miles for a grand. When I am short an incremental + grade away from that coveted Law Review spot or Big Law job, does it not make sense for the law school, instead of engaging in an illusory and inflationary grading practice for free to monetize it?  They should sell me an increment and help me bump the Law Review geek that actually worked for it while at the same time  filling the depressed funding coffers.   Like American Airlines, they could offer cut-rate weekend special grade boosts for  the C students about to accept a job at The GAP.

When law schools start figuring out that they are missing the boat with these gratis grade hikes remember where you heard it first…

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  1. Ethan Says:

    you are an Ass hole go fuck yourself

  2. elm Says:

    No matter how much money you payout in life, you’ll always get a D for Duche Bag. I guess being a Lawyer has nothing to do with morals ethics or logical reasoning you A$$ Hole

  3. Locke (1 comments.) Says:

    Though I understand that this post is meant to be humorous, it just highlights the fact that, non-profit status notwithstanding, law schools are profit-generating machines. The grade inflation that is going on does not serve to make students more competitive, it only serves to make grades meaningless. Besides that, it doesn't help the students if their class rank is unchanged, which is the case with Loyola's grade hike. There is still a bottom 50% and a top 10% regardless.

    I hope no law school administrators read this post, as they are always looking for ways to make more money, and this might give them ideas….

  4. Scott Says:

    grades are meaningless anyway. if a teacher is competent, s/he teaches all the students to master the subject. mastering the subject implies an A, but the curving system dictates that so many get Bs, so many get Cs, etc., regardless of how many of them may have mastered the subject matter.

  5. DCW Says:

    Law school has never been about mastering a subject. You've clearly never been. Law school is a big, expensive sieve, designed to discover the most eager to please, the least resistant to demands on their time, and generally the people who want to feel that special feeling that only comes when you realize you've crushed other people for the sake of making someone in authority happy. Mastering a subject? Don't make me laugh.

  6. Guy Says:

    lol, spoken like true C student…

  7. Jay@LA Attorney (1 comments.) Says:

    This is upsetting to hear. I wish I was going to school now instead of having to work my tail off to get good grades. To think I could have slacked off and still graduated top of the class. Then again, all that hard work has taught me how to work hard in the real world.

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