Mandatory Drug Testing In Public And Private Schools

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  1. Karen Says:

    Wow, this is like my feelings about locker checks. Without reasonable cause, lockers are private and drug test should not be mandatory. Most kids report something they know is wrong to be in a school. I don't like them for getting a job but you have a choice of doing it or not accepting the position. Kids can't take Tylenol to school and as a female to have to have a written doctor permission to receive something like midol is absurd or to have to go through that for a necessary medicine seems to violate HIPAA laws to me. Parents and children must reveal things in a school that otherwise would be illegal to force. I want children safe so hire more resource officers to protect the premises. I felt like my daughter grew up in a time where kids have been taught that giving up freedoms is natural.

  2. Robert Atkinson (1 comments.) Says:


    Totally agree with the comment about kids being taught that it is okay to give up their freedoms.

    I'm 26 years and feel as if I want the first generation to really get hit with this; I could be biased. It is becoming out of control these days.

    I believe the duty should be that of the parent. Drug testing in schools just seems ridiculous.

    Next thing you know, we will have kids experimenting with supplements to pass these tests. That can be dangerous. Niacin is becoming a popular one for people of all ages to pass their drug tests. It flushes the body; not strong evidence can support whether it truly works.

  3. Gayle Says:

    Has our society really come to a new level of low? This is insane and I am completely against it. I would rather home school my child then have them subjected to mandatory drug testing. I'm ok with locker checks and I can see the point of them as many things have been found in lockers ie guns, drugs, etc.
    Physically testing children though is something completely different. This must be in violation of several laws?!?

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