NBA v. NBPA et al. (Legal Documents)





Given that it looks like the NBA lockout is heating up and there will be either an attempt at decertification or a disclaimer of interest, I have gathered the most interesting and relevant legal documents from the litigation currently pending in Federal Court For The Southern District Of New York if you have interest for your reading pleasure.  As long as the litigation is ongoing or there is further litigation filed, I will post selected pleadings here.

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  1. steven j fromm (2 comments.) Says:

    The lousy thing about this now settled matter is that it accomplished nothing of substance. The league will still be divided between the haves (Lakers, Celtics, Mavs, etc.) and the "have-nots" the other two thirds of the league. These latter teams are still left with no way to compete and being stuck with lousy teams for years. For a 76ers fan, I was completely disappointed by this joke of a settlement.

  2. Irene Says:

    well i agree some players r gettin overpaid some of the owners had done this to themselves signin players to long contracts worth 100mills heck if i played id probably soak them for what its worth on the other hand have the players buy the teams and u wont c those long con tracts and high salaries as long as the nfl is on till jan and nhl till june have the stars playin in china and turkey wont miss u love my lakers its time for a change tickets r priced out of this league.

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