Recovery Resources
Recovery Resources

Eating Disorder Recovery:
1. National Eating Disorder Association:(NEDA)
2. Project Heal:
3. Eating Disorder Hope:
4. The National Association For Males With Eating Disorders(NAMED)
5. The Binge Eating Disorder Association


Addiction Recovery(General)
1. Addiction Hope
2. The Fix
3. Alcoholic Anonymous
4. Al-Anon
5. In The Rooms
6. Smart Recovery (Harm Reduction Approach)


Collegiate Peer Recovery:

Young People In Recovery
Association Of Recovery Schools

Steroids/ Performance Enhancing Substances
Taylor Hooten Foundation

Body Dysmorphic Disorder:
The BDD Foundation

Brian delivers his message to attorney groups in a way we can understand the process by which our clients and their children may have become addicted. Because he has been through years of bullying and addiction, he helps attorneys understand the methods by which they can help their clients and their children. He delivers the message of hope and forgiveness. He encourages attorneys to stop being judgmental and start being part of the solution. I am grateful that Brian has been willing to work with me to get his message to family law attorneys. Brian is our clients and their children, from the bullied to the addicted.

-Kinser $ Bates, LLP
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