Should Child Molesters Be Executed?

The death to all pedophiles freight train sweeping the nation has stopped at the door of the United States Supreme Court in the form of Kennedy v. Louisiana which will address whether an individual can be executed for the rape of a child that does not cause the death of that child.The case was argued today before the United States Supreme Court.

My home state of Texas has joined in arguing for the states right to determine its own capital offenses and against such punishment being “cruel and unusual punishment” Texas was the latest state to come up with a far reaching bill that would allow for capital punishment in certain circumstances where the rape of a child is concerned.

The last time the U.S. Supreme Court came close to addressing this issue was the 1977 case of Coker v. Georgia in which the court basically stated that the death penalty amounted to cruel and unusual punishment with regards to the rape of 16 year old adult women.

Here are some of the point-counterpoints on the issue with my take…


1Execution is “cruel and unusual punishment” when applied to child rape cases because the Supreme Court already ruled that it is excessive in rape cases when the victim was not also killed.

I believe that this will be an almost impossible hurdle to overcome and the law will be struck down on this basis.The Supreme Court has ruled on this and I believe that any argument that because the case involved an adult women and therefore leaves open the possibility that death is ok for a child rapist is “wishful spinning”I do not believe the court was making an age distinction here. They were simply addresses the crime and the punishment. They were saying we don’t execute rapists of any kind if a death did not result.If the court would hold otherwise would be to basically say that the rape of an adult is less serious than the rape of a child….I think adult rape victims would disagree….

2.Executions for child rape mean the penalties for rape and murder are the same so an offender may be more likely to kill a victim.

I don’t believe the court will give much weight to this argument.It is the same as arguing that capital punishment reduces the murder rate which is not true…. This would be an argument based on comparative statistics and I don’t think it was presented to the court in that way…

3.Executing child rapists may make it more likely for some child sexual abuse to go unreported.

Again this is a statistical argument that I don’t think will be given much weight by the court.

4.Louisiana’s law, the subject of the case being argued today, is too broad because it could apply to any rape of a child under 12, not just the most egregious.

This is an argument that Texas will be paying a lot of attention to.In my opinion the wide discretion prosecutors will have to seek the death penalty in a case not involving death is a fatal flaw in Texas own Jessica’s law which allows for capital punishment in certain rape cases. This can and will also give rise to claims that the law is being applied disparity to various minorities in ethnic groups which is a huge no no….I believe that the cruel and unusual punishment issue aside, if Texas version of the law is unconstitutional, it is in this area.


1.Execution is not necessarily barred by previous rulings as excessive for all rape cases, merely for the rape of an adult woman.

This, in my opinion is a ridiculous argument.That is not what the court said or implied in Coker v Georgia. It is an argument hoping that the court is looking for a way to sanction child rapist executions….

2.Violent rape of a child is particularly egregious and shows “a degree of manifest evil, that is qualitatively” different from other rapes.

I agree it is a particularly heinous crime mandating a special place in hell for such rapists. It still does not matter. Who decided what is heinous enough for death? The prosecutor? Way too much discretion. Supreme Court won’t go for it.

3.Society’s moral standards are evolving to recognize the horror and damage caused by child rape and impose stricter punishments on perpetrators

Again, I agree but not the death penalty. Too much discretion involved. Won’t fly.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for tougher sentencing for certain types of child molestation crimes and repeat offenders. My concern is the situational morality.

I certainly want death if it’s my child but if it’s your child, maybe death penalty is too harsh for the crime. That is situational morality.

Trying to legislate the latest horrific crime of the day we see on Situational morality cannot dictate justice. The rule of law dictates justice. The Supreme Court said that many years ago when the southern juries imposing their own situational morality said they would only execute African-Americans for sex crimes. No whites would be executed. Situational morality this year mandates we execute the guy who molests your daughter. Situational morality in 10 years may mandate we execute the drunk driver who kills your daughter. Situational morality in 10 years dictates we execute you when you have one too many and kill someone in an accident.

That is not justice or the rule of law. In this country, as much as we hate or want, we do not take a life where a life has not been intentionally taken or taken with such complete disregard for the risk of death that it raises to the level of intent. That rule of law applies to the scum sucking pervert who molests your child, the drunk driver who kills your child, the shoplifter, the jaywalker. It applies to me. It applies to you….

I do want all child molesters off the street. I personally have no moral dilemma executing them.I however don’t want to look for the Constitution of the United States floating in the same sewer they are hiding in……

That’s my take and opinion. One guy in Dallas, TX.


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  1. Michael Says:

    I have mixed feelings on this. If it was my child I would be pushing for the death penalty, if I did not get my hands on them first.

    However we are seeing many reports in the Dallas area of convicted people getting new trails because of DNA tests failing to support the verdict.

    I have no issue with a death sentence for the crime, but we need to make absolutely sure we have the right person.

    I can’t fully agree with the DWI comparison as I doubt anyone under the influence leaves the bar with intent to kill someone but the child molester will leave his/her house with the intent to harm a child. That said, Brian is an attorney and I am not. He is the better authority on our current laws.

  2. CrackpotPress (2 comments.) Says:

    I don’t think the death sentence is the answer on this. As pointed out above, Texans can be a tad to quick to grab a rope.

    However, I do believe that convicted child molestor should have a penalty that fits the crime.

    Death? Don’t think that it.

  3. CrackpotPress (2 comments.) Says:

    I thought about this some more… what about those folks in El Dorado?

    Do we just execute them?

  4. Michael Says:

    No, we bring them before their peers and have a trial.

    Just my opinon , a 50 year old man having sex with a 16 year old girl, should get at least 20 years in jail.

  5. Michael Says:

    No, we bring them before their peers and have a trial.

    Just my opinion , a 50 year old man having sex with a 16 year old girl, should get at least 20 years in jail.

    (my bad for not hitting F7)

  6. M2 Says:

    No, we bring them before their peers and have a trial.

    Just my opinion , a 50 year old man having sex with a 16 year old girl, should get at least 20 years in jail.

    Statutory rape does not apply to 16 year olds where the age of consent is 16. You are safe. It may be socially wrong but not legally.

  7. lora Says:

    It seems to me that people are forgetting that the children that are molested by the animals don’t just get over it. It is something that have to live with their entire life. They may never live a completely normal life at all. I believe the offenders should be put to death and the hard way. Put in a cell with inmates that are on death row and see how well that get along. Then when their time for execution comes up they should be ready to die if not before

  8. Michael Says:


  9. Black Sheep Says:

    Here’s my take on the subject of capital punishment. When either a man or woman commits a crime of murder good old society looks for the motive. If the motive is premeditated then the verdict carries a life sentence. However sometimes it’s justified homicide especially when a woman is protecting herself against her drunken husband who happens to have a baseball bat in his hands. In other words, murder comes in various shapes and sizes, unfortunately our children are not immune to these evil attributes. Jessica Langford was viciously raped then strangled the death by a man who would have done the world a favor if his mother would have aborted him at birth. I noticed something as the trial continued on for quite some time, that the word “insanity” kept coming up again and again. I don’t understand why these highly paid “liars”, who used to be lawyers, will move heaven and earth to get these guilty as sin clients off the hook. It’s like a rich movie star who wraps his $250,000 Lamborghini around some telephone pole, and the sheriff is forced to look the other $way$. After all, rank has its privileges, when it comes to the rich and powerful out there. The same mentality seems to be present in our judicial system today, where a good man who is unfortunately not rich may have trouble proving his innocence. In essence, if Jack the Ripper that victorious serial killer from the 1900s had not had been of royal blood, the outcome for his many horrible crimes would have been somewhat different.

    In conclusion, if a man sexually assaults a child he has just used his penis as a weapon, and that weapon should be disarmed by either castration or removal or his death. If he strangles the life out of a child, the same should be done to him. You may call it cold-blooded not benefiting a civilized society; however, this vicious act of evil must be addressed here and now. To save the tax-payers some money after they have been found guilty,let’s take them outside to be shot to death by a firing squad. Let’s do it like they do in good old Mexico were this murdering bastard builds his own coffin and digs his own grave just before his is shot by that firing squad.. Hell if I had my way I would have the son of the bitch blow his own evil brains out by playing one-sided Russian roulette with the prison guards. Call it cold or inhuman on my part, for I have a zero tolerance when it comes to child molestation, vicious rape and murder. I would consider death by slow torture so that the perpetrator of these most heinous crimes suffers greatly before he dies. If the Bible has any truth in it, then this torturing of a murderer will be continued with everlasting torture of his soul,are we beter than God Almighty himself who does not reward murderers with light sentences and early paroles? No torture for all eternity is God’s method of justice for anybody who disobeys his will.

    In conclusion, I say a slow painful death to the perpetrators of evil.

  10. personal injury attorneys dallas (1 comments.) Says:

    From a parents view I would say Yes definitely a Child Molester should be executed, death penalty, this is also one way to lessen child molestation cases.

  11. jane doe Says:

    i think that chldmolesters should not be executed but put in life for prision because what theyare doing is ruining innocent chuildrens life,and if you kill them they will not suffer sure they will suffer a couple of hours and then die but the children that were molested has to live w/it for the rest of thier lives,and so i think that they should be put in for life so they could think about and suffer for what they had done

  12. davis Says:

    They cannot be rehabilitated at all. Review the success rates of ANY other rehabilitative services and see for yourself. Rehab very rarely even works for drug addicts and when they relapse,society and the economy all suffer in various ways. Millions of addicts are caught in the revolving door of rehab/prison and the druggie lifestyle. We as a society cannot tolerate this same phenomena with the child molester as far too much is at risk thus mandatory castration and mandatory death are the ONLY options we have. This is not to include nonsense situations with some 18 yr old dating a 16 yr old etc. Death should be the law of the land to eradicate the undisputed,proven sexual predator/molester. Any sickos incarcerated before this were to go into effect would receive immediate castration,or their choice of the death penalty. Time to play hard ball and finally start to do things in the ONLY manner that can actually save the children. No more band aids.

  13. rob (1 comments.) Says:

    I agree with what Michael said. I think if there is absolute proof who did such a terrible thing to an innocent child then I have just two words for the criminal, “HANG’EM HIGH!!!” or whatever the method.

    Other people need to know that such a hidious crime is punishable by death. If we don’t protect little children then who will.

    For me it is a question that really does not need to be asked. Of course child molestors should be executed.

    Retribution Solution

    robs last blog post..What Can You Do If You Only Believe?

  14. Manny Pelaez Says:

    The problem with the death penalty in cases of child molestation is the age disparity. How old must the child be in order to warrant the death penalty. Under 18? Under 16? Under 10? How old must the molester be? What if the molester is 19 years old and the minor is 16? Death penalty?

    I understand why this issue is so difficult to figure out. On the one hand you want to exact your vengance and deter this from happening. On the other, it is not the kind of crime (because of the varying fact patterns) where a one-size-fits all solution works well. At least when someone is murdered we can all say that the victim didn’t want to die and that there is nothing worse that could have been done to them. With a child molestation case the lines get blurry as the ages and the consent/non-consent issues are never the same.

  15. Lucy Says:

    They are not able to rehabilitate these people. This is something they can not cure. So you have to wonder then maybe execution is the answer.

  16. Ace (1 comments.) Says:

    I’m sorry I missed this article before Kennedy was decided. I wrote a white paper on this very issue my third year in law school, and feel very strongly – both from a legal and moralistic perspective – that the Court got it right.

    In addition to the plethora of reasons to oppose such laws that have been put forward, there is one that I think gets short – if any – shrift. We have a paradigm in this country that criminals must pay back their debt to society. For what they have taken, they must repay. For what they have done, they must be punished equally.

    This paradigm would be incredibly dangerous if we started living in a world where child rapists were executed. Why? Because at that point, we’ve equated child rape with death. We have effectively said to the child that the equal of what happened to you is death.

    What kind of a message is that?

  17. madmom Says:

    ok mr. attorney, what do you say to your child whom has been abused over and over by a monster. your child stands up to the occassion and discloses, mind you the perp has threaten your childs life and everyone he loves dearly, if he does say something. your child discloses anyway and the perp pleads the fifth… mr. attorney without physical evidence your child is pushed to the side as someone whom just has to deal with it… ok and the perp walks around as if he has a pot of gold in his hands. your child is now fearful and wants to kill himself/self medicates because he doesn’t understand how the legal system can fail him your child doesn’t understand how mom and dad can’t do the freak in… what would you do mr. attorney.. we can tell obviously what type of attorney you are… mister defense.. how can you sleep with yourself knowing that your helping these freak and monsters get back on the streets to create more victims. you should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. Asian person in VA Says:

    People are too F***ing nosey when it comes to situations like this. The punishment for this horrible and unforgivable act should be determined by the victim and his or her parents and that’s it. No strangers and uninvolved a**holes have a say of “oh this punishment it too cruel” well maybe it is because no one you knew or loved was involved. If the victims are stupid and say something like life in prison then thats their own fault for wasting food and shelter keeping this sicko alive. But most reasonable people would agree that unless your immediate family was involved, stay the hell out of it because your opinion has no value in terms of making it better. The child was molested, thats irreversible, now all thats left is payback and YOU didn’t suffer from it, the child and his/her family did, who are you to decide what’s just or not?

  19. silene Says:

    Ace is an idiot, he’s basically saying that “oh dont kill him, all he did was stick his dick into a child, he shouldn’t be killed JUST BECAUSE HE STUCK HIS DICK INTO A CHILD”
    Ace wrote: “This paradigm would be incredibly dangerous if we started living in a world where child rapists were executed. Why? Because at that point, we’ve equated child rape with death. We have effectively said to the child that the equal of what happened to you is death.

    What kind of a message is that?” <—he thinks he’s God with his predictions
    i’ll tell you what kind of message that sends to the kid you moron… it says: “hey kid, your body being violated isn’t worth a sicko’s life(in other words YOU’RE WORTHLESS KID!), we’re just gonna lock him up and then eventually release him so he can do this to some other unfortunate kid” Do you realize that even in prison, if your inmates find out you raped a little child, they will kill you. Death sentence is over valuing life. Even roaches have kids

  20. His Majesty O'Keefe Says:

    Enter text right here! I'd just like to see the punishment for killing a child to be the same as killing an adult, why the difference? Or is that just my long lasting impression (that there is a difference in punishment?)

    His Majesty O'Keefe's Recent post…null

  21. BigBossMan Says:

    There sentences are actually unbelievably short for the atrocity of the crime.

    Castration for rapists and paedophiles? what are your views? I think if a man attacks once he is likely to do it again and therefore should be left unable to do so by means of castration. He should not be allowed to reoffend. It's a fitting punishment as well.

    Thanks for the thought provoking question.

  22. 4Christ (1 comments.) Says:

    In a word-Yes.

  23. ettarose (1 comments.) Says:

    What a great debate, one in which I was ostracized for my beliefs. If you have ever had a pedophile touch your life then you don't know the horrible stain it leaves on everyone's life, not just the child but the entire family. Should the person be put to death? Old question my friends, one that will be debated for a long while. Personally I truly believe there is no rehabilitation. There are cases out there where the offenders say they cannot be "cured" and want to be castrated either physically or medically. I wholeheartedly say castrate them right at the neck. Why should society pay to feed and house someone that has no feelings other than sexual for an innocent child?

  24. dedef Says:

    Why would you not kill child molesters? Do you really think they will not rape again? Get a clue.

  25. Julianna Says:

    Madmom's experience is not at all unusual. Unfortunately, the internet seems to have brought the pervs out of the woodwork and the cops can't keep up with technology. And these creeps are smart and cover their tracks, making it hard to catch them. If they DO get caught (& don't have the dough to buy their way out of it) the sentences are unbelievably low: 2
    teens kidnapped by a 50+ yr old & held/tortured & molested for 12 days.
    Sentence? EIGHT YEARS. A local case where the dad had been molesting
    2 kids for 3 years, kid finally told a teacher…sentence? FIVE YEARS. And
    the kids in every single case have a LIFE SENTENCE of multiple problems, regardless of the immediate counseling, ongoing counseling, family love or all of the above and it DOES affect the entire family. I have personal experience and I have changed my views on the death penalty in the last few years but what people don't understand is that even if these guys don't murder the child, in many ways it's just as bad. And they ALL do it again. And NO, dating teens shouldn't be included. Let the parents of the molested
    child alone in a room with the perp in lieu of, or as, the death penalty. Or put 'em on death row until the victim is older an put the victim in the room with the perp and let her/him have at it!
    By the way, did y'all know that the funding for the National Sex Offender Registry is running out in JULY??? Which means, these pervs just have to cross state lines & they can be in YOUR neighborhood molesting YOUR kids & not be on the list in your state. This bill needs funding, which means it needs public outcry (write or call your senator/congressperson)-it's called the "Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act." There are 100,000 sex offenders unaccounted for and not living where they are registered.
    Adults have a duty to keep ALL children safe.

  26. roadster1980 Says:

    Parachute the pedophiles into North Korea

  27. guest Says:

    I don't think Ace is a parent, otherwise, lawyer or no lawyer, would he really feel this way? Anyone who rapes a child deserves to be dead, I am sorry. If there is no automatic death penalty, I swear we should stick all these convicts onto a deserted island somewhere and let them "take care" of each other.

  28. Jesse McJohnson Says:

    Many of the people posting the comments for putting Child Molesters to death, are most likely people who also want to see more tax cuts for both the Federal and State governments. What they don't realize is several things.

    Many of these, not all, Child Molesters come from broken homes that the judicial system usually has to step in and deal with. Massive tax cuts, means that judges and family advocates and counselors will have less or no funding. This means the children involved in broken homes will have a higher chance of going on to commit State/Federal level felonies, including Sex Crimes.

    Another thing affected by massive tax cuts is the reduction in law enforcement. Like it or not, law enforcement, be it local Sherriff/City Police, State Park Rangers, Federal Park Rangers, US Marshalls, Secret Service, FBI, or State Troopers (in Texas: DPS & Texas Rangers), are all paid with your tax dollars. Severe tax cuts = less of these law enforcement people to protect children.

    The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, the Amber Alert system, the Department of Health and Vital Statistics (Texas State Agency), are all paid with tax dollars. The reason these programs, commissions, and laws are running out of money is because both the US Federal and Texas State governments, as with the other state governments, are running out of money. These laws and agencies don't run on steam, fumes, vapor and good intentions, they, at the end of the day, run on money. Tax money that is.

    I don't like the idea of the Death Penalty for these criminals, because knowing that a portion of the Texas justice system is sometimes poorly run in both it's inner city and deep rural areas. That means there is the danger that innocent people will get caught up in the hunt for Sex Offenders. That means that people who are not guilty of Sex crimes might be at risk of the Death Penalty for crimes they didn't commit. This, combined with low funding for the above mentioned programs and law-enforcement agencies, means that innocent people WILL GET CAUGHT UP IN SEX OFFENDER CASES, in which there will be the danger that the State will execute innocent people. Now, not only has the child molesterer violated a child, now they have helped the State government kill an innocent person. This does not take power away from Sex Offenders, this instead will help empower them and help them do more damage to society, not less. Good law-enforcement coverage, along with enforcing the law effectively and thorough investigation of suspected Pedophiles is all that can work on the criminal side of things. Fixing broken families and having better support for children from broken homes, and better law-enforcement for abusive parents is what it will take to help prevent the creation of future Child Predators and Sex Offenders.

    I know what child abuse is, I was adopted at the age of 8 years because my birth parents were irresponsible, and I spent time in state facilities that had some older teens and adults that took advantage of me. When I was adopted, I learned right and wrong. I also learned that rape (including child molestation) was not truly about sex, but was about power. The power to do something violating to another person, in this case involving sexual organs, and then getting away with it, making the victim fearful and feeling unimportant, violated, and worthless and scared. The Death Penalty has really done nothing to decrease the violent crime rate here in Texas, because most offenders in this state think that they will never get caught, or they can play some card that will get them off the hook. Therefore they are not thinking about the Death Penalty when they commit crimes. For the rest of us, whether the punishment for a crime is years in prison, the county jail or even the Death Penalty, we don't commit crimes because for one, the crime is just wrong, is destroys our society, and we know that we might get caught, and we may even think that we shouldn't do said crime because we wouldn't like to have it done to us.

  29. Natalie Schroeder Says:

    I have a 4 year old son & 7 month old twins (one boy, one girl) and if someone ever did lay a hand on them I doubt highly that they would ever make it to trial! If by some miracle they did I would want that SOB killed as soon as humanly possible. We as adults have an obligation to protect the weakest in our society (childre, senior citizens, the handicapped) and when something that horrible, that evil happens to one of those members of society that evil should be removed! There is no hope or rehab for someone who would do that! If they thought that was okay to do that to begin with then those sick bastards will never change! We have enough crap in this world without letting those f-ups to stay!

  30. Kris Says:

    Statutory rape death sentence would be wrong, forced rape will continue in America and little girls and boys will keep being found face down in ditches with there asses up in the air, as long as we allow the degenerate scum to keep walking our streets. You come up with the idea that throwing a person in jail is justice? Do you really think making it so that a person doesnt have to work to get, get medical beneifts, TV, and library access along with what ever else they can come up with? then after 20 years you let them out of the club med vacation, the first thing they do is find a cute 5 year old girl, abduct her, sodomize her and kill her.. People of America must be ok with this, because it really doesnt seem like you want to prevent people from doing it. If you want to call executing a person for forcible rape and or murder un civilized then great, its also uncivilized that your are forcing me to live in fear for my family's health and safety 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If your against capital punishment for molesters and rapist's I hope your child is the one that dies in the next scum bags hands and then we will see what song you sing.

  31. Joe S. Says:

    While I believe the death penalty to be an appropriate punishment for the heinous crime of raping a child, I have two reservations about instituting this penalty:

    1. It may be more difficult to get a conviction. Juries may be less likely to convict out of fear of making the wrong decision, meaning more child rapists go free.

    2. Death penalty is irreversible in cases of mistaken identity/wrongful conviction. If new DNA evidence after the fact shows that the accused is in fact innocent, there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation.

    I am more interested in protecting society from these vicious predators than I am in inflicting punishment. Sentencing these people to lifelong imprisonment in solitary confinement would both punish the offenders and protect society.

  32. Michael Says:

    I live in a blue state, but I know, not think, that they must be destroyed by any means necessary. They prey on those who can't defend themselves. They make rabid wolves look safe. Think about this: would you let rabid animals walk around in your city? potentially let them near your children? I think not. Kill pedophiles and save children. Pedophiles should not be considered human. Personally, if I ever come in close proximity with a pedophile, I can guarantee they will not leave alive. Just claim temporary insanity, and, if it applies to you, claim that you had a flashback; if you get a psychologist to confirm it, you walk free.

  33. Cynthia Says:

    One problem with that is they still have hands & the sick mind. Castration would not cure it.

  34. Brian Field Says:


    You can’t have it both ways. You said yourself if it is my child then of course the death penality. There is no situational morality, just death, and if not death then life in prison. It’s a proven fact that they will do it again upon release from prison. Why not just save everyone the time money and heartache and end it from the begining.

  35. Micah Says:

    “Situational-morality” in your case is actually selfishness. Plain and simple. Child rape is demonic.

  36. david b Says:

    First we must have dna evidence to be absolutely certain that the piece of shit is guity.then they should be beaten within a fucking inch of their life and tied down in a massive bed of fire ants.once in shock we then hang the piece of shit and burn them slowly IN PUBLIC! It disgusts me that our bullshit system lets these fucks free only to do it many times do we catch them and are told “he is a repeat offender” just wait til they catch the latest one who killed little Somer Thompson….he too is a repeat offender. We have too many tree hugging far left idiots who are destroying the fabric of America! You want to keep these fucks alive? How bout we buy all you stupid fuckers your own island and put all child molesters there with you and your families to live in your “free caring loving society”we ll see how long it takes for you all to change your tune! Having said all of this let me also say that again people in this country always take something and fuck it all up the other way with “interpretation” there is a young man in atl whos life was ruined and his college dreams shattered because he as an 18 yr old got a blow job from a 16 yr old at a party.the courts tried him convicted him sent him to prison and he is now a registered sex offender!GIVE ME A BREAK HERE! Should there be some sort of punishment for this?yes how bout 20 hrs of community service PER WEEK until you graduate. College?you would then have more motivation to study hard learn from mistakes in a constructive way that doesnt needlessly waste time and money and give unjust punishment

  37. rich (1 comments.) Says:

    What about the innocent victims especially our children? It seams in every crime you forget about the victims. The ones who cannot speak for themselves dead or alive and make excuses for the evil predators! You want to rehabilitate these sons of bitches why don’t you have them move in your gated community with your children? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When we lived by those morals then the world would be a lot safer and trusting place. Where our children could enjoy the innocence of childhood like we did growing up.Repeat offender’s whats wrong with you idiots??

  38. Calvin Says:

    If the child is under 16 then the execution should be carried out if it was rape. However, I believe if the "child" is 16 or older and gave consent, I don't think the "molester" should get jail time. I still think 16 is a better universal legal age.

  39. Angela Tolar (1 comments.) Says:

    i am a survivor of molestation and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't wish the person that molested me wasn't dead and he's my own flesh and blood . so death penalty for child molesters …hell yeah you got my vote for that .

  40. tony Says:

    you have mixed feelings, what if it were your child, kill them all, they are sick and adsmit themselves thatthey cannot be curred. lets put them to sleep and stop the cycle

  41. Shran Says:

    The kid of a friend of mine was raped and killed, justice department thought they had the guy who did it, he… even confessed after loads & loads & loads of interrogations. 6 years later however… they found the real murderer. The first guy is still living, but do you know how they interrogate pedophiles or how they're treated in prison ?

    So, Tony, if you got no mixed feelings, please get caught for a crime you didn't commit and don't start complaining. You already admitted you can't be cured didn't you ?

    I must admit I wanted the guy dead as well right after it happened, but I've changed my opinions radically after the real murderer got caught.

  42. JLK Says:

    I just don't see anything I agree with here. We can go by our laws, however, "juries of our peers" free men like O.J. Simpson and convict people like Damien Echols and the egocentric judges will not let them go despite all sorts of retrospective evidence. Yes, if someone molested a child of mine I WOULD want them put to death. Absolutely! I would have enough integrity to take care of it myself and not hide behind the so called law like a coward. There is no need for the offender to suffer. I say that defeats the whole purpose of execution. Is it a punishment or is it a method to simply remove a bad seed?

  43. Zenobia Loshek (1 comments.) Says:

    Probation and counseling don't work, cutting it off would not work because it's a mental issue they would still find a way to "rape" their victim. The new sex offender inmates in Houston are killed by the population when and if they are put in prison. Each case is different and the punishment should fit the crime! The death penalty is still active for a reason and Texans use it! Don't talk about Texas dear you have no clue what it is to be a true Texan "Crackpotpress". The death penalty should be an available sentence for sex offenders because they never quit!

  44. LJTX Says:

    Im not sure about the Death Penalty..I am concerned about young boys maybe 15 to 18 going to a party and young girls maybe 14 to 16 having sex then the boys gets caught and gets into trouble and it ruins their lifes.And they have to regester as a sex offender for life. I think that has got out of hand.There are lots of teens that gets by with it. Some mothers need to watch their daughters better. Now if an older man rapes a child it is different.. I agree with someone above that they need to be sure before they send them to prison for a long time..With the DNA now men are getting out of prison that have been in there for many years and I think its sad..I wonder how many innocent people have been put to death..Texas puts more people to death than any other state.

  45. LJTX Says:

    I am glad that they are punishing older women like in their 20s and 30s that have sex with boys under 18. They are catching more teachers now than ever before but there are more women out there doing the same thing that the teachers are..They should get their punnishment the same as men their age..
    I also think that if someone goes to prison for robbery and other bad things when they get out they should have to regester and be on the same list as a sex offender..I would want to know if a robber lives next to me..I dont understand why you can't find out others that live next door to older people and others..Maybe there is some way you can find out and I dont know about it..

  46. Mike Glancey (2 comments.) Says:

    Should Child Molesters Be Executed? I did not need to read the article. The answer is YES! I also think the victim should be tasked with choosing the manner of death for the guilty party. Child molesters are the lowest forms of life on our planet. A world without them would be a better world.

  47. Chris Says:

    I was molested as a child for a whole year. I am 35 now. I have never had a girlfriend. I have suicidal thoughts but kept going because I have so much anger in me. I cannot find a normal relationship and I cry myself to sleep from time to time for almost 30 years. I think I might be ruined for life and wondered what I did wrong that made me suffer my whole life and the guy lived peacefully until his death of old age and who knows how many others he assaulted. If I do end up killing myself, please forgive me for not able to see how leaving a molester alive is a good thing.

  48. Lyne T Jess Says:

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

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