Should Mothers Of Drug Addicted Babies Be Charged With A Crime?

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  1. Guest1957 Says:

    As the mother of a neonatal registered nurse I have asked the question why mothers of addicted babies aren't arrested. Some are but most aren't because the drug is legal. I have learned a lot. I did not know that a heroin addicted mother for example who learns of her pregnancy cannot stop cold-turkey. I'm not talking about the addiction part, it most likely would kill the growing baby to suddenly have the drug cut off. At that point many go to a methadone program during the pregnancy to try to get off the drug which then makes the drug legal. Prescription pain killers are legal so many babies go through withdrawal from that. On that issue I don't know if it is lack of education to the patient or the patient just won't try alternative pain relief during the pregnancy. It's a hard question. I definitely think the mothers should be made to listen to the crying continuously. Many are repeats, addicted, methodone, baby, back to street drugs, and pregnant again. Then again, the knowledge of arrest would cause many more abortions. Education is key.

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