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I Voted For John McCain

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I Voted For John McCain

I voted for John McCain.  Not because  I did not think Barack Obama could run our country but because I really did not know Barack Obama. I could not get a good feel for what his foreign policy was. That worried me. I was not concerned about his economic policies (save his health insurance proposals which I still feel will close many a small business if implemented as stated). I frankly did not think either he or John McCain would have a significant impact on the economy over the next four years.  New ideas, invention and the entrepreneurial spirit will drive economic change, not vague policies and tax base shifts.  I was however  worried about and still am concerned about his foreign policy.  A lot has been written in the  Jewish community that his is no friend of Israel.  Not because of any animus towards Israel or Jews but because of a rhetorically soft approach to enemies of the United States who are also enemies of Israel.  This is something that concerned me. I knew what John McCain’s Middle East policies were. I was comfortable with them.

John McCain will not be our next President.  The rhetoric is for the history books.  I am ready to give Barack Obama the chance to show that he will continue strong U.S support of Israel’s security and borders as well as all other foreign allies we have long vowed to support in time of need in addition to defending our country against enemies foreign and domestic.  All Jews and Americans everywhere should give him that chance as well.

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The voting scandal of the 2000 Presidential elections accomplished two things: 1) It allowed President George Bush Jr. to win his term by the skin of his teeth, 2) it prompted the passing of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 which allowed massive appropriations for upgrading voting technology. Well it did three things. It also allowed Kathryn Harris , a bigoted, anti-Semitic left wing zealot to get attention she didn’t deserve and help boost her political aspirations but that’s for another blog. (I did hear that she recently secretly married Mel Gibson after meeting him at a Holocaust denier’s symposium.From 2003-present over billion dollars has been spent on upgrading voting technology. (I mused that it clearly had not been spent in my prescient as I punched my cardboard ballot in the most recent primary….)

What have the states as the recipients of these funds and we as the voters looking for something better and more user friendly gotten to show for it? NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH! Well that’s not really fair. In the upcoming general election, it is estimated that over 50 percent of all voters will get to use voting machines that are a cross between digital slot machines and atms. No more hole punching lever pulling. I guess the future is now!!!

It also sounds great in theory but every time you go digital, you create a whole new cottage revenue stream for the hacking industry. You know, this is all great and hopefully it will plug the problems that allowed George to be re-elected in 2000.

I frankly couldn’t care less about this apparent leap in technology. What am I waiting for? I am waiting for that Tuesday after the first Monday in November where I can wake, up head down to the local 7-11 , get my cup of coffee, get my powerbar, head over to the all purpose machine, take out a 100 bucks, buy a roll of stamps, high speed download the latest blockbuster to my iPod, check my outstanding arrest warrants.

Maybe our next big appropriation should be to educate the states of Florida and Michigan in how to hold a primary that doesn’t disenfranchise their voters…..

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