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I Will Miss Avery Johnson

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I Will Miss Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson has been let go as head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. I will miss him and it has nothing to do with basketball. I would not write on it or comment about if it did. My brother Mark Cuban’s basketball decisions as owner of the Dallas Maverick are his own for his team I have zero credibility to comment about it on any level.

I will miss Avery Johnson the person. I liked him a lot. He and his wife are by far two of the nicest, classiest individuals I have met or will probably ever have the pleasure to meet. In all of the basketball hub bub, it is easy to forget all of the great things they did for Dallas and surrounding communities as well as their hometown of New Orleans giving so much of themselves personally and financially.

In the world of professional sports the only certainty for a coach is that he will one day resign or be asked to leave. It a 100 percent certainty. Some get to do it on their own terms but those are few and far between.

Avery may no longer be the coach of the Dallas Mavericks but in my mind he will always be a class act

I wish he and his family the aboslute best in their future.

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