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Please Dont Date That Loser!

So I came across this “anti-dating” web site called DontDateHimGirl.com

It is a site for scorned women to post about guys that have cheated on them, who are married, lied to them, etc. I admit I first went to the site to see if I was on it! Not that I think I am a liar or cheater. I think the general consensus would be that I am a nice guy (with some dissenters am sure) BUT in 7 out of 10 relationships that end for any reason, someone is going to be pissed and find a justification to blame the other person to bolster their self-worth. The next things you know either your photo is up on Don’t Date Him or you’re accosted by a camera crew from the television show CHEATERS in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Why is it you never see the Cheaters camera crew waiting outside of Nordstrom’s or Neiman Marcus??

I of course went straight to the Dallas, Texas listings. In my single career in Dallas, I have known many, 30k millionaires, Mack daddies, serial daters, cheaters, schmoozer’s losers, boozers, druggers, muggers etc. There definitely was an entertainment value to seeing if any of them were listed on the site…. I know some guys that I would list myself just to protect unsuspecting female Dallasites…… Here are some of the examples of what I found in the Dallas listings….

  • 1. Joseph L. Austin “Joe”- “Drives a Mercedes and still lives at home with his parents and sister. Not marriage or boyfriend material”

There are a ton of listing complaining that a particular guy had given a girl herpes or some other STD. Others complaining of being married, two timing, and just being an asshole in general

In any event, not that I expected to be but I am proud to say that I my mug was not on the website. Of course since they do not verify anything, I could claim to be women and put up negative posts about all the guys I know in town just to eliminate the competition. I’m out on the town, see a guy talking to a girl I like, get that guy’s name, throw it up on Don’t Date Him, tell the girl he is up there and the next thing you know he can’t even pay for a date. Those would be some serious “guerilla dating” tactics but I wouldn’t put it past guys or girls in this town or in any other town for that matter.

I then put my lawyer’s hat on and thought about it from that perspective. There is already case law out there about posting defamatory remarks on web sites and bulletin boards but I wonder if Don’t Date Him is bringing in any click-through advertiser dollars. I would certainly argue that if they put my photo up, negative comments and all, they are using my likeness to make money without my permission and I want a piece of the pie!

As to the posts themselves, you can check it out for yourselves and I will probably get some flak for this but the majority of hard luck guy stories said just as much about the sheer stupidity, immaturity and gullibility of the women involved as it did about the alleged sliminess of the guys.

The owner of the site was in fact sued by Pittsburgh Attorney Todd Hollis with regards to posts about him on the site by a couple different women, one of the posts being that he allegedly carried a sexually transmitted disease. He denies that he does. The owner of the site claimed that she should not be liable for the posts of others. The lawsuit has since been dismissed based on improper venue. That has not stopped the aggrieved men from firing salvos. There is actually a web site out there trying to collect victims for class action. Good luck with all that or in other words….GET A LIFE!

When a defamatory remark is posted on an internet web site, you have basically three possible parties who can be potentially sued 1. The person who posted the remark; 2) the owner of the web site; and 3) the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who hosts the web site. The ISP issue is easy. They are for the most post immune from suits relating to the posting of defamatory remarks on web sites they host.

So when Internet America or Southwestern Bell hosts the web site “BrianCubansaScumbag.com”, It is a web site for everyone who hates Brian Cuban to post nasty things about him. So assuming there were nasty, defamatory posts about me on this site, I cannot sue Internet America or Southwestern Bell. This protection to an ISP is generally provided under Title 47 of the U.S. Code

So we know we cannot sue the ISP, what about the person running the web site? All he did was put up the site. He did not post any defamatory comments…. He is probably also protected. In 1996 Congress passed the Communications Decency Act, part of which has been stuck down but for the most part is still intact. This Act could in fact provide protection to the owner of the site. Where issues arise is when the site is made aware of defamatory comments and fails to remove them.

What’s the bottom line?

Quit having affairs and lying to women and use a condom!

I know for many guy and women in this town that is like asking them to walk on water or actually be a responsible adult so in the alternative “Reputation Endangered” men are going to probably have to track down the girls who put up the posts if they want to collect. My reaction to that? If you put as much energy into being a productive member of society as you do scamming women, our little corner of Texas would be a much better place to live and socialize…. You know who you are…..

What is my general “dating take” on this? My take is more on the sad state of human affairs when we are going to sites like this to be entertained off the misery, inadequacy and humiliation of others. I am talking about myself here because I went to the site! I am proud to say however that I have not read the obituaries in a while…….But hey, turn to any television station for your dose of reality television and you will get the same thing. For that matter go to CNN, TMZ, or Perez-Hilton for the same thing…..That’s Entertainment Baby! Gag!!!!

If your date is going out with nine other women, really works at Jack in the Box and drives a Pinto and he gave you herpes ,spend more time examining your mate selection process and the due diligence and your attitudes on safe-sex , less time trying to feel better about yourself by posting goofy shit on idiotic web sites….

I don’t expect to see my name up there but if I ever do, they will hear from my attorneys not to take my picture down as everyone is entitled to their opinion but to get my cut of the profits…….

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Spitzer’s Hooker will be hooked by the IRS…..

Former high priced hooker/escort Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kirsten) is ready to cash in big time on her “client #9 fame” liaisons with disgraced and soon to be indicted former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.   She shouldn’t buy the Park Avenue Penthouse just yet…. 

It is my bet that the tabloids, mainstream press and the blogosphere will make make more out of her projected multi-millionaire status than she will ever see a penny of.  The “Cuban Crystal Ball” is telling me that unless she rolls both her civil and criminal liability into an immunity grant in exchange for her testimony against Spitzer, before the year is out she will be facing both federal and state indictment as well as civil liability for income tax evasion and back taxes.  I admittedly know very little about the area of the law but if I were on the government side I would already be working on a “levy” against any profits she gets from appearances on the talk circut,magazine appearances clothed and unclothed and books. Even if she is able to roll any criminal tax liability into any criminal testimony for the government, I find it very hard to believe she will get a pass on the civil tax liability…..

Any criminal and civil tax attorneys out there to comment?

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