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12 Final Championship Season Thoughts

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12 Final Championship Season Thoughts

With the one of the greatest and special periods of my life behind me, I recently wrote a guest post for Mike Fisher’s Dallasbasketball.com about being close to and dealing  with the emotions as a passionate fan of a team and a franchise that has done so many things right for so many years … and has finally gotten rewarded. Thanks Mike for allowing me to re-post. Please be sure to check out Dallasbasketball.com and follow Mike on Twitter for great Mavs and general sports content.

On that emotional level, here are my 12 Final Championship thoughts.

1: I will never forget the feeling of being part of one of the most incredibly special moments in Dallas sports history.

2: I will always be affected by the feel of hugging someone you love, knowing that person has accomplished his ultimate professional dream.

3: Oh, and the feeling of having everyone you love around you when that dream is realized.

4: Then there is the feeling of being at one with a team and entire city. The intense emotions associated with riding through thousands of people who do not know you but are letting their love for you and your family wash over you and feeling the same way for them.

5: The feeling of intense emotional projection of failure … only to have victory snatch that feeling away within seconds.

6: The feeling of the last 10+ years being vindicated when the clock read 0.00.

7: The feeling of anxiety for the future of a team that you hope will remain a team for future championships.

8: The feel of holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy over my head!

Smile 9: The sadness of letting go these great moments as time moves forward.

10: The feeling of pride and joy for the employees of an entire organization at every level who put their heart and soul into making the above feelings a reality.

11: Being in that parade … in that mob … our car at one point swarmed by people … but feeling nothing but good feelings.

12: Singing “We Are The Champions” over and over and over again in my head … all month and maybe forever!

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Taking My Sobriety To Southbeach

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Taking My Sobriety To Southbeach

My trip to Miami and South Beach for the NBA Finals has been unique for me on a couple levels.   The obvious is that  this Dallas Mavericks playoff run has been an incredible experience.  It has brought the city and fans together like no sporting event I have ever seen including the 2006 run.  It has infused the city of Dallas  with vigor and buzz.

The second is that the 2011 Finals mark a huge sobriety milestone for me in coming to Miami.  I did not come to the 2006 Finals in Miami.  I did not come, because I did not think I could handle it from a sobriety standpoint.   As I write this, I have been sober for over 4  years.  I was not sober in 2006 but I wanted to be.

In the years running up to the 2006 Finals, I was a regular visitor to South Beach.  I was also regularly drunk and hungover every night and morning I was here.  Sometimes wandering the streets in the early a.m because I was too drunk to remember where I was staying.   Once I got sober, I thought it best not to return to the scene of the crime and much stupidity for a while.  Too many temptations. Too much fire to burn me.   I stayed away for 5 years.  I took the same tact with Vegas where I also did a lot of damage to my body and wallet.  I finally did return to Vegas for a convention 3 years into my sobriety  It was a completely different experience sober. I considered it a milestone in my recovery.  I want to live life without  being afraid of myself and situations. Now comes South Beach.  Not a problem at all.  Spent Saturday night in my hotel room watching the tube.  Not because I was afraid of putting myself in the insanity pot but because I had no desire to.  Another milestone.   Hoping the Mavs achieve their milestone while I am here, bringing back the Larry O’Brien Trophy. I will have a Diet Coke to celebrate.


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The 1st Amendment Protects The Future

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The 1st Amendment Protects The Future

A Maryland court has held that the “art” of fortune telling for money is protected under the 1st Amendment.  I personally believe the whole thing is bunk but I can also be a hypocrite.  I believe in reincarnation.  I consistently have dreams about being in my early 20’s somewhere is a large city, possibly New York in what I think is the early 1900’s.   It’s always the same dream.  Maybe one day I will go to a “reincarnation specialist” and  throw down a Jackson to have some Whoopie Goldberg type tell me  what the hell I was doing in New York City. I would be pissed if the state tried to regulate my ability to determine if I was as big a goober in my past life as I am now. The First amendment protects our future and it should protect my past. It might also be worth 20 bucks to find out how the Mavs will do next season.  Whoopie can’t do any worse than the ESPN pundits who predicted them to win it all last year.  Here is to my past and your future…

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Dallas Mavericks Best Dressed Fan!

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Dallas Mavericks Best Dressed Fan!

donknoblerThe Dallas Mavericks opened the season last night. While the team was not successful, losing to the Washington Wizards, I was able to catch up with Don Knobler, who has forged his success in the Dallas Real Estate Market.

Don is a  huge MFFL(Mavs Fan For Life) and widely considered the Dallas Mavericks if not best dressed, most uniquely dressed fan.

Don’s “statement” outfits often find their way onto the High Definition Jumbo-tron as well as  local and national television broadcasts.

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