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So you think that Blu Ray has won the one and only battle it will fight with the victory against HD DVD? Think again…. Round 2 has not yet been fought. There will not be as much at stake as the the battle just fought but it will be fought just the same.  How do I know this battle to be fought? It will be fought because there are more law students than lawyers in this country.

 The next battle will be the class action litigation against HD DVD player manufacturers. The first cannon shot has already been fired by Toshiba with their statement that there will be no refunds offered to those who have purchased soon to be obsolete HD DVD players. No rebates towards purchase of other products, zippo, zilch, nada…… Just a caveat emptor right in the kiester! I can not think of a quicker way to get sued than telling your customers with legitimate complaints to F***k off…… 

Nothing new here though. Without short sighted companies like Toshiba there would be no need for McDonalds coffee case taking Democrat plaintiff’s attorneys. The whole legal system would collapse……So let it be written…. So let it be done……

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