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Blagojevich To Hang Out Personal Injury Shingle!

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Blagojevich To Hang Out Personal Injury Shingle!

blagojevichCNN(Illinois) Unconfirmed sources have revealed that now former Governor Rod Blagojevich facing massive legal bills to defend his pending indictment and unemployable in any other legal capacity will hang out his solo shingle as a Chicago personal injury and criminal attorney. He obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1983. There have been rumored sitings of his life size face on the back of Chicago rapid transit buses and strip club restrooms.

CNN has also been able to obtain this unedited script of his first television commercial to air during the Superbowl. You will only find it here on CNN!

My name is Rod Blagojevich. You may remember me as the wrongfully impeached Governor of the great state of Illinois. I have decided to put my years of experience in sleazy political tactics and lining my own pockets to work for you by fighting sleazy insurance companies to line your pockets!  I will take my  years of experience  profiting off the backs of the citizens of Illinois to watch your back!   In an auto accident?  Busted For Prostitution?  Indicted for corruption?  The Blogonator is here for you!  Call 1800-BLAGO day or night! Se Habla Espanol!

More to follow!

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Spitzer’s Hooker will be hooked by the IRS…..

Former high priced hooker/escort Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kirsten) is ready to cash in big time on her “client #9 fame” liaisons with disgraced and soon to be indicted former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.   She shouldn’t buy the Park Avenue Penthouse just yet…. 

It is my bet that the tabloids, mainstream press and the blogosphere will make make more out of her projected multi-millionaire status than she will ever see a penny of.  The “Cuban Crystal Ball” is telling me that unless she rolls both her civil and criminal liability into an immunity grant in exchange for her testimony against Spitzer, before the year is out she will be facing both federal and state indictment as well as civil liability for income tax evasion and back taxes.  I admittedly know very little about the area of the law but if I were on the government side I would already be working on a “levy” against any profits she gets from appearances on the talk circut,magazine appearances clothed and unclothed and books. Even if she is able to roll any criminal tax liability into any criminal testimony for the government, I find it very hard to believe she will get a pass on the civil tax liability…..

Any criminal and civil tax attorneys out there to comment?

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