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Investigate My Ass!

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Investigate My Ass!

What does “Spy Gate” have in common with psycho ex- boyfriends/girlfriends and old luggage? You can’t seem to get rid of any of them.

Matt Walsh, former New England Patriot film guy turned soon to be government rat has finished spilling his guts to the NFL and now may have to spill his guts to the federal government.

Not quite the Valachi Papers or Donnie Brasco but another sports scandal distraction for us all to roll our eyes out and watch the government cash registers “chi-ching” away at all the wasted tax dollars. In what appears to be another totally absurd tax dollar swallowing senate investigation being called for by Senator Arlen Specter. All you can say is WTF!

I’m starting to suspect these federal prosecutors and elected officials get a “per subpoena” bonus… Barry Bonds perjury trial, Roger Clemens suspected perjury, Steroid Hearings… Every time I pick up the paper some grand jury or Senate Committee is being convened to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money on issues that are absolutely trivial in the grand scheme of issues that affect our lives….

I think you can really get a feel for how ridiculous and trivial this is if it is put in some historical context. Lets take a look at some other senate investigations and their place in history as compared to a potential Sypgate investigation.

This is not all inclusive, just ones I found interesting. (The 9-11 Commission is not considered a Senate Investigation) Feel free to include your own in comments:

1. Attack on Pearl Harbor. How many people reading this know that there was a Senate Investigation into the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 The investigations, lasting from 1941 to 1946, were published in 39 volumes of congressional hearings You can read the actual report here. There is another good article entitled “Fifty Years of Controversy”, you can read here.

2. Watergate Hearings.  Another “taping” scandal. Again, hearings that even in the context of history seem a little more relevant to the human condition than the taping of football games. Not much to be said here. (video) Nixon resigns, others due prison time, G. Gordon Liddy becomes a talk show host…..

3. The Army-MacCarthy Hearings. Back in the days when the word “communist” struck more fear in the general pubic than telling someone you have herpes little known Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed to have a “secret list” of government officials and others who were communist spies and sympathizers. The hearings while not about this specific issue served to totally discredit McCarthy resulting in his censure. The word “McCarthyism” has become an everlasting moniker for unjustified persecution and witch hunts of unpopular groups and beliefs….

3. Titanic Sinking I had no idea there was a Senate Investigation on the Titanic sinking. They were called “The Titanic Disaster Hearings”. The report can be read here.

4. The Kefauver Hearings otherwise known as the hearings on Interstate Organized Crimes. Does the Mafia exist? If your like me everything you know of these hearings comes from watching the Godfather II. Is there anyone else out there who actually thought the Corleones were a real Mafia family?

As sure as I am sitting here, a year from now we are going to be reading about another moronic investigation, who will testify and whether Bill Belechick will be indicted for perjury……. Go get him guys! I did read on TMZ that Belechick was a CIA operative and is currently being questioned in the CIA tape destruction scandal. He has not been heard from in 24 hours and the rumor is circulating that he has been “renditioned” to a secret room in the basement of Eli Manning’s home for questioning….

I did hear that there is a new NBC primetime reality series starting this fall entitled: I AM THE TARGET OF A SENATE INVESTIGATION……… They are trying to locate Jimmy Hoffa to be the first guest star

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