Brian Cuban is making a difference.  As we sat packed into a stuffy, too-small room, I watched as the University of Kentucky law students and local lawyers were – for once – not focused on electronics or otherwise distracted.  They were spellbound as Brian detailed his journey down the rabbit hole of addictions and other mental health disorders, and then explained his path to recovery and wellbeing.  In parts, his journey is somewhat uncomfortable to hear, yet all silently awaited the next turn in the story.  Many lawyers will struggle with an addiction, but Brian describes multiple addictions and disorders and how their individual symptoms overlapped to create a potentially life-ending disaster for him.  We frequently discuss alcohol and drug addiction within our Lawyer Assistance Programs, and even depression is getting more exposure, but the discussion of co-occurring disorders, and the danger of leaving any one of them untreated is a fresh topic for our listeners. His recovery story is nothing short of amazing. Brian’s discussion is genuine, humble, and filled with the rigorous honesty that only comes from long-term sobriety.  He is genuine, accessible, and a conversation-starter.  I can’t wait to find an opportunity for him to speak again.

-Yvette Hourigan, JD, CEAP, Director, Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program

Thanks very much for your visit and amazing speech yesterday. The information is so important for our students to hear and you have made a very positive impact on many individuals.  Legal education needs a positive voice such as yours

-Jane Grise, Director Of Academic Enhancement-University of Kentucky College of Law

Thank you again for coming to visit with our students, faculty, staff, and members of legal community yesterday. We were so pleased with the turnout and the feedback received, and we are grateful that you shared your story with us. I am sure it resonated and caused reflection with many in the room.

-David Wright, Assistant Dean Of Student Services-University of Kentucky College of Law

Brian’s powerful presentation at Cedar Valley College’s Convocation resonated with our faculty, staff, and administrators. His painfully honest story illustrates how we are both fragile and resilient. Therefore, the greatest gift we have to give each other is empathy.  Regardless of your gender, race, or socio-economic background, we cannot help but see parts of our reality in Brian’s story.

-Dr. Joe Seabrooks, President Cedar Valley College

Although Brian was the final speaker in a 7 hour program called Funky Credit Day for the San Mateo County Bar Association, he immediately captured the audience’s attention! All the whispering stopped.  He knows how to use his voice to engage the audience.  He spoke with confidence about his story.  He took us back to his early years of attending law school and passing the bar. He was addicted to booze and blow and suffered from depression and bulimia.  He talked honestly about addiction, the professional stigma of admitting there is a problem, his road to recovery, and ways to get help.  Meanwhile, the audience didn’t move, they waited until Brian took questions, which he graciously answered.  Afterwards, I noticed members waiting in line to talk with him.  Brian was amazing, it was a Friday night and they’d already sat through 6 hours of seminars!  My members commented that listening to Brian was both healing and hopeful. Brian was easy to work with, he arrived early and ended on time.  I would definitely ask Brian to speak again!

-Deborah Kemper, Executive Director-San Mateo Bar Association

Brian Cuban participated as the lead speaker for the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Community Forum: Addiction and the Legal Profession, a continuing legal education event.  He provided an honest and very real perspective that is seldom heard.  Brian’s strength and courage to lay everything on the table with his story that details his addiction, eating disorder, and mental health struggles regarding depression and suicide really resonated with our audience.  He educated us with humor, candor and a heartfelt concern for the well-being of lawyers, and people in general.  I am grateful that he shared his story with all of us. The program reviews were positive, appreciative and attendees were inspired.  I highly recommend Brian without hesitation.  He is engaging and informative while delivering sensitive content to a broad audience.

-Tara Phoenix-CLE Director, Philadelphia Bar Association

Thank you for being such an amazing, honest, open and engaging speaker. I have already gotten so many emails about how your story resonated with so many people. And you had such a wonderful way with all of the people who came to speak to you – making everyone feel so special. What an honor it was to have you at our event.

-Miriam Ament, Founder & President, No Shame On U

Mental Health America of Indiana was most fortunate that Brian Cuban provided the Keynote Address for our Recovery Month Conference. Brian was engaging and clearly a crowd favorite, as he told his personal story in a way that was humorous and heartfelt. Brian was able to connect with a large audience of treatment providers, criminal justice professionals, and individuals in recovery. His reviews were unanimously positive and I would highly recommend Brian as a speaker for any conference focused on resilience and recovery.

-Stephen McCaffrey, President Mental Health America of Indiana

I am a first year student at The George Washington University Law School. I wanted to say thank you for coming to our school and telling your story about the years of hardships you endured. As an eighteen year old in law school, it was very interesting to see how you overcame various substance abuse issues. Substance abuse is a major issue that has impacted some my friends, and seeing first hand how you were able to get over the issue has inspired me to help those friends in overcoming their respective issues. Thank you again for coming, it was a pleasure listening to your lecture.


-1st Year Law Student, The George Washington University Law School

“Many thanks for speaking to us yesterday! By my estimate we had over 250 assistant DA’s, public defenders and private defense attorneys in attendance at the Frank Crowley Courthouse central jury room. Your message of recovery and mental health awareness is powerful and very much needed by the criminal bar – all attorneys for that matter. Your candor and excellent presentation abilities kept everyone at close attention and I can’t recommend you enough to any other bar organization!

-Robert D. Burns III, Judge, The Criminal District Court Dallas County

“Brian’s presentation for the Illinois Lawyer’s Assistance Program was a true inspiration for our legal community. His presence, story of recovery, and motivational tone captured the room. Offering an open door and invaluable resources through his books and media platforms, his commitment to his audience and continued role as a beacon for redemption and recovery are invaluable to our community.”-

-Shelley Sandoval JD, Legal Community Liaison, Illinois Lawyer’s Assistance Program

As the president of the Cuban American Bar Association, When I think of what Brian gave to our legal community down here in Miami which had been ravaged by the recent losses of some of our professions giants to mental health issues and suicide, the word that immediately comes to mind is hope. Brian’s approach to a very taboo issue, especially amongst the legal community, is one that works. He is funny, self-deprecating, honest, loving, and most importantly, vulnerable.


The event Brian Came to speak at at almost 300 in attendance including roughly 75 state and federal judges. When Brian spoke, there was complete silence in the room and everyone sitting on the edge of their chairs, a small miracle in the Cuban community. Brian touched many people that day will have personally come to thank us for making this issue and the idea of seeking help a sign of courage rather than one of weakness. Brian taught us that when you share your weaknesses with people, they will not love you less, they will love you more. He is a personal inspiration of hope to me as I struggle with mental health issues after the loss of my father, who was my best friend. I cannot possibly recommend Brian any more to those considering in being a speaker at your event, conference, symposium, Home. His story is the story of many that unfortunately, in many cases, we don’t find out until it’s too late. You will be lucky to have him. Thank you so very much Brian, from the bottom of our hearts.

-Javier Lopez Partner, Kozyak,Tropin & Throckmorton and President, Cuban American Bar Association

Brian’s “presentation” to AUWCL students was a passionate sharing of stories of how he got where he is with an emphasis on nothing being easy, but everything being possible. Students were extremely engaged, as evidenced by their rapt attention, the targeted questions toward the end of the session around substance use and mental health, and those who approached Brian afterwards for one-on-one advice.  Students can be hesitant to work directly with administrators around issues of substance use and mental health for all sorts of reasons. To have Brian speak directly to them (and offer his ongoing availability is a blessing for these students.


-David B. Jaffe Esquire-Associate Dean Of Students, American University Washington College of Law

We were just thrilled with Brian Cuban as our event speaker!  We needed a dynamic speaker willing to talk about their personal struggles through addiction.  Brian Cuban exceeded our expectations.  He not only engaged an audience of 650 individuals, his story connected and resonated with everyone in the room.  His story kept our audience at the edge of their seats!  Tears, laughter, heartbreak and joy were felt by everyone.  Many people stopped me after the event to tell me how unbelievably wonderful he was.  Brian Cuban made a huge impact on our audience.  On top of his stellar presentation, he was the utmost professional.  Easy to work with and a joy!  CADA would absolutely recommend and work with Brian Cuban again.  Top Notch!!!

-Christine M. Perez Chief Administrative Officer , Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana

We cannot thank you enough for sharing your story with us at The Jung Center’s Spring Benefit last night. To a person, everyone is raving about your honesty and insight. You really reached our audience, and you were just the perfect fit. Not only that, you were just lovely to work with.

-Andria Frankfort, Director of Development , The Jung Center

I invited Brian Cuban to talk speak at the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association annual “Donald Davis Seminar”. I was wary at first, because his topic—addiction and eating disorders—is so far afield from the usual continuing-legal-education fodder. I shouldn’t have been wary: Brian is an outstanding story teller who entertains as much as he educates. His stories had the crowd of grizzled lawyers laughing and applauding. Afterward, he got great reviews from the attendees, and several lawyers went out of their way to thank me privately. My organization invited him back again this year. Your group—whatever the group—has someone who needs to hear what Brian
has to say.

-Mark W. Bennett, Attorney At Law

On behalf of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association I want to express our sincere gratitude for your keynote address delivered at our 29th Annual Conference. Our attendees were profoundly moved by your personal story of fighting addiction and body dysmorphic disorder. While most speakers leave at the conclusion of their presentation, we were very impressed that you remained, making yourself available to converse with our attendees and provide insight into your experiences. You shared your story of recovery with an energy and eloquence that left our attendees feeling validated for their contributions in the treatment of mental illness and substance use disorders. You are an inspirational speaker and your presentation provided motivation for all of us.   I have heard only positive responses from our more than 1800 attendees! You really came through and delivered for us!

-Nicolas Croce Jr., MS-Executive Director, American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Mr. Cuban was the keynote speaker for The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse’s annual Power of Prevention Luncheon.
To say Mr. Cuban’s message was well-received would be an understatement. Feedback about our event in general was positive beyond our greatest expectations, and comments about Mr. Cuban’s presentation in particular have been outstanding. He wove together the history of his struggles with a message of hope; not just “what happened,” but also how he escaped the grips of a mental health crisis and embraced recovery. Mr. Cuban is a skilled speaker. He is so able to talk from his heart that he doesn’t need notes.
I recommend Brian Cuban wholeheartedly as a speaker

-Debbie Meripolski Executive Director

The Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association was thrilled to have Brian Cuban as our keynote speaker for our annual community outreach event, Conversations of Hope. His authentic and powerful story of recovery offered insight and hope to a diverse audience. Mr. Cuban beautifully integrated humor into a serious topic which kept the audience engaged and made for a wonderful evening. We highly recommend him as a professional speaker and consider it a privilege to have heard his story.

-Victoria Renard, Executive Director, Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association

Your talk was so captivating, honest and inspiring. Everyone loved it! Thank you for doing what you do. You change lives every day by sharing your story and by letting your voice be heard. You are welcome back here anytime. We are your biggest fans!

-Health Educator, Claremont College Consortium

Brian delivers his message to attorney groups in a way we can understand the process by which our clients and their children may have become addicted. Because he has been through years of bullying and addiction, he helps attorneys understand the methods by which they can help their clients and their children. He delivers the message of hope and forgiveness. He encourages attorneys to stop being judgmental and start being part of the solution. I am grateful that Brian has been willing to work with me to get his message to family law attorneys. Brian is our clients and their children, from the bullied to the addicted.

-Kinser $ Bates, LLP

When Something For Kelly was hosting its inaugural gala last year, we were introduced to Brian Cuban as a potential speaker. On the initial contact he was gracious and most receptive to our request. He met with me on little notice to share coffee and his autobiography Shattered Image. He also posted on his Facebook page the date and information surrounding our evening with invitations to his followers to join us. The evening of our gala he arrived early and was available to meet our guests. His presentation was very powerful and he kept the attention of everyone in the room. After the event he remained to answer questions from the audience and was a joy to work with. We recently invited him to join us at another event and once again the audience was spellbound. I can highly recommend Brian as a featured speaker on the subject of disordered eating. We are happy to call him a friend of our organization.

-President, Something For Kelly

You have a gift for telling your story in a way that resonates with people of all ages and life experiences and you made what is typically an unapproachable topic accessible and enlightening. In addition to being a fantastic motivational speaker with a great sense of humor, you generously shared your time and wisdom with the students before and after the event.

-Director of Student Engagement, George Washington University

Your keynote at the Southwestern Pennsylvania 3rd Annual Media and Mental Health Awards was insightful and captivating as you touched the audience with your candor about bullying, eating disorder, gender distinction, and mental wellness.

-President and CEO, Entertainment Industries Council

Post your presentations, I was contacted by multiple individuals stating they were ready to start a recovery journey! THANK YOU!

-Student Counseling Services Clinical Care Coordinator, Iowa State University

Mr. Brian Cuban is an inspirational speaker. His forthright delivery speaks to audiences of all ages and both genders. He has broken down barriers for men to speak frankly about their struggles with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and addictions. Both those who have been bullied, and those who have bullied others can profit from the stories of his childhood and how bullying contributed to his later struggles. He answers questions openly and honestly and is genuine in the telling of his story and his recovery journey.

-Director, University of North Carolina Eating Disorders Program

We would definitely recommend Brian as a top-ranked speaker!

-CEO, Pathstone Mental Health, Pathstone Foundation

While he spoke at the event, I looked out to the crowd of 450 guests and saw men, women, teens and youth completely captivated by his story and his willingness to share his difficult life story. Several guests pulled me aside after and told me that it was one of the most inspiring afternoons they had ever participated in, and I attribute this to Brian and his powerful words.

-Event Organizer, Tea For Eating Disorders

Brian Cuban spoke to nearly 2,000 at risk students at Speak to Me, Inc.’s Steps Against Bullying™ Interactive Health and Anti-Bullying Campaign Rally and his talk was so inspiring to both the children and adults alike! Brian was able to channel the essence of a child’s mind and provide the advice of a responsible adult. The message that “it’s okay to love who you are”…was the greatest take away and those 2,000 students, youth and adults will never forget it! We would love to have Mr. Cuban back again for this event and many other events to come. He is truly an inspiration and his story has so much to offer to nearly any audience.

-Chair, Speak To Me, Inc.

Brian is a passionate speaker with the ability to engage, entertain and educate the audience. I would highly recommend Brian as an inspiring speaker for the topic of mental health awareness.

-Former Superintendent of Education, London Catholic School District

Brian is a powerful speaker that engages with professionals, students, peers, and families unlike anyone I have had the pleasure of working with. Brian brings a passion for recovery, on multiple fronts that is unbridled in the modern recovery movement. He is a pleasure to work with professionally, and will impact your audience more than you ever hoped for. I would highly recommend Brian to speak in a variety of settings, and will gladly contract him again to speak at the University.

-Program Director, Collegiate Recovery Program at the University of North Texas.

As the Keynote Speaker for the 2013 SWPA Media and Mental Health Awards, Brian Cuban was simply outstanding. From our very first contact straight through the planning stage, the pre-event media interviews, and the event itself, Brian was a consummate professional to work with who delivered a compelling and thought-provoking look at Body Dysmorphic Disorder from a deeply personal perspective. Brian’s style and straightforward delivery is refreshing; all his life’s experiences come together to shed light on a disorder in a way that leaves his audiences thinking and talking, long after he’s gone.

-President and CEO, Afterschool Buddy, Inc

I have been a co-presenter with Brian on three occasions. He is an informative, engaging and entertaining speaker. Highly recommended!

-Board Certified Family Attorney, Kinser & Bates, LLP

His message captivated the audience. It’s been a few months since the Gala, and we are still receiving tremendous feedback about Brian’s speech.

-Vice President, The Taylor Hooten Foundation

Brian understands his unique position as a male within the eating disorders community. He is open about his journey with body image issues, eating disorders, and other co-occurring conditions, and he is tireless in his efforts to engage other men in a deeper understanding about the symptoms and treatment available. BEDA is always proud to work with Brian and, personally, I can recommend him without hesitation. I look forward to working with Brian again soon.

-Founder, President & CEO, Binge Eating Disorder Association
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