The Gold-Diggers Guide To The Galaxy

Cougars have been all over the news. Not the four legged kind.  The 40+ female kind prowling the darkness of the night in search of the their prey.  The 25-30 year old hard bodied pool boy playing the part of the 30k millionaire douche-bag.  Polo sleeves rolled up.  Phony bank statement in back pocket. He leases the 60k Maserati while sharing an apartment with 4 roommates.  Tribal tattoo and a cheat card for local gangster rapper signs.   The illusion becomes reality.  There are now  reality television shows touting the “attributes” of Cougars  disguised as next-door type housewives.(who are they kidding)  Let’s not leave out the  pretty-boy, 30k millionaires vying for a network financed engagement ring.

What  happened to the good old fashioned Gold Digger?  Are they shrinking in numbers?   The number of available millionaires has declined rapidly in this economic free-fall.  Did the fall of Bernie Madoff put them all out of business?    Former Hedge-Fund  and trust fund girlfriends are stuck trying to predict the next “Gold Digger Bubble”.   I heard that the Gold Diggers Association of America(GAA) had applied for federal bailout funds.

What has happened to the good old  20-30 year old hot bodied secretary by day, stripper by night, sharing an apartment with 4 roomies, three rented dresses and looking for all the sweetness and viagra us 45-65 year old sugar-daddies have to offer.   My home of Dallas, Texas was once the gold-digging capital of the world but now seems to have shifted to the big games of Cougars. I thought all was lost until I read this article(pdf) in Glamour Magazine.

The article is about this lady name Jennifer Binder.  She is talking about her thoughts and experiences  having dated  multi-millionaire “ultimate big shot” and disgraced former Enron big wig, Jeff Skilling.  Skilling has been convicted of numerous crimes related to the Enron collapse and is currently serving a federal 24-year, 4-month prison sentence.  While Jennifer appears to be educated and fairly successful in her own right that  does not disqualify her from gold-digger status.  It’s all relative to the disparity in wealth and the compromising of standards to get at  it.   If you can read between the lines, what you really have is the “The Goldigger’s Guide To The Galaxy”

I have been able to successfully decipher the galactic meaning of this article.  I am going to translate it for everyone by outlining what she says and giving my “take” as to the universal meaning for all “GDITs” (Gold Diggers In Training). Here are her quotes from the article and what she was really saying after applying my Star Trek Universal Translator:

Binder: “Jeff did indeed fly me to England for our first date; later he bought me jewelry and even helped with the down-payment on my house”

Galactic Translation: I am a professional gold-digger. I have no other means of support. I would not even look at you twice unless you had a “Gulfstream” waiting to whisk me off to an exotic location that went over one ocean or the other before we landed.

Binder: “that (the money) really blinded me to the age difference…”

Galactic Translation: Unlike Cougars, professional Gold Diggers have no age requirements. If you are 90 years old and still breathing, I’m all yours if that Gulfstream is fueled and ready. If you’re a trust fund baby, I will “babysit” you until you are old enough to appreciate Cougars.

Binder: “Greed is not good for a relationship”

Galactic Translation: Lots of money will kill a relationship if you no longer have it.

Binder: “If it seems like has something to hide, he has something to hide”

Galactic Translation: If you pay for my condo; seed my bank account; buy my Lexus and fly me to London every week for dinner, I don’t care if you are a ponzi king, hiding eight ex-wives, five illegitimate children, and are a registered sex offender.

Binder: “When friends don’t have anything nice to say about your boyfriend, listen”

Galactic Translation: If he is doing all of the above, WHO NEED FRIENDS!

Binder: “You really can learn from every experience”

Galactic Translation: When you have your next billionaire ‘”mark” in your sites, and he is about to be indicted for anything or pass away from old age, get as many assets as possible including the jet, transferred to your name before he goes to jail or dies.

There you have it. There is no longer any need to take Dramamine every night to combat pole swinging motion sickness. Follow the simple rules above and the world of rich geezers, Ponzi Kings  and insider trading felons is yours for the taking.

©2012 Brian Cuban

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  1. Jamie Says:

    Brian, I LOVE this blog. I didn’t realize there were so many Cougars on the prowl, but then again I never really thought about men being gold diggers. When that term is (gold diggers) used for some reason I always think of it being a women. You have opened my eyes and made me laugh to boot. Great post!

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